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A Penny for your thoughts.. (12/5/07)
Before electronics, PC’s, I pods, MP3 players and the world opening before our eyes with the internet, times were simpler. Days were longer, our minds wandered through the vastness of the unknown and we would dream. More >>

Auction Strutters’ Ball…is all that giltters gold? (12/3/07)
examine the details!As in everything in the world “all that glitters isn’t gold”. If you are a novas or an auction veteran there is always something to learn and if you don’t learn you will get burned. More >>

It is all in the name… (12/3/07)
It is all in the name...Add-onsAll things added together increase the value and cost of an item. Just as in buying a car, each accessory or add-on raises the price it is the same in collectibles. In this case a Coalport vase carries a number of marks that help increase its value. More >>

Experiencing Americana of the 20th Century (11/30/07)
There was a time when life was slower paced, travel was an adventure, and retail wasn’t largely made up of national brands. The automobile was just becoming affordable, the West was calling out to the adventurous, and a migration of post WWII families we heading to California. More >>

Memories too (11/30/07)
Do you have enough..Grand dad?As a part of the baby boomer generation Holidays have switched from answering questions from the family about what I would like as a gift. Now we share memories of collections and the past. More >>

The thrill of the hunt… (11/29/07)
nice to see you! come againPuzzled about collecting? I do believe every one of us is or has been puzzled about why people collect what they do! Salt and pepper shakers, roosters, cows, coins, baseball cards, comic books, match books, vintage sneakers and more…we can’t get enough!!! More >>

Hearing the Veteran’s Story (11/29/07)
The Veteran in 1918I just read an article stating there are only three living WWI vets left. It seems like they all faded away without receiving the recognition they deserved. I’ve only met one WWI vet in my life. He was my great uncle Benny. Benny served with the 88th Division and told me that he survived the war but nearly died on the troop ship coming home because of a serious flu outbreak. More >>

Wedgwood (11/25/07)
In 1759 Josiah Wedgwood established a pottery near Stoke-on-Trent at the former Ivy House works in Burslem, England. By 1761, Wedgwood … More >>

Military Collectibles for Investment (11/21/07)
Civil War Collectibles are highly collectible!I recently read a New York Times article about military collectibles that touched on two interesting subjects. More >>

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