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Blue Ridge Pottery (9/24/07)
Blue Ridge Pottery “Official Price Guide to Collectibles” by Harry L. Rinker The Carolina Clinchfield and Ohio Railroad established a pottery in Erwin, … More >>

Boehm Porcelain (9/24/07)
Boehm Porcelain “Official Price Guide to Collectibles” Harry L. Rinker Edward and Helen Boehm founded The Boehm Studio in 1950. It quickly became … More >>

Packaging (9/19/07)
Packaging “Official Price Guide to Collectibles” Harry L. Rinker Factory processed food revolutionized life in the second half of the nineteenth century. Although … More >>

Royal China (9/13/07)
Royal China “Official Price Guide to Collectibles” Harry L. Rinker The Royal China Company, located in Sebring, Ohio, utilized remodeled facilities that originally … More >>

Re: Houston We Have A Problem? (8/27/07)
In light of Tom Daughty, The Pete Rose case should be reopened and investigated, Pete deserves the Hall of Fame, 4400+ Hits, You tell me……. More >>

2007 NFL Preview (8/22/07)
Sunday night, the New Jersey Football Giants and the Old Browns/New Ravens each lost a slew of players to injury, adding to the ever-growing list of pre-season casualties, leaving many of us wondering, what happens when a franchise player gets injured during these meaningless exhibitions.< More >>

Gone Camping (8/21/07)
For the first time in ten-odd years, my end of summer will not be punctuated by the coming of football training camp.  For the first time, my August will not be defined by two-a-days, the odor of mildewed socks, and post-practice dips in the ice bath.  More >>

Flailing Falcons (8/17/07)
Something’s been going wrong in Atlanta the last two years, but the easy answer (coach), isn’t always the right one.  I’ll be the first to admit that my Birds suffer from some acute schizophrenia as to what kind o More >>

Houston, We Have A Problem (8/6/07)
I’m a big advocate for due process, and it is important to remember that Tom Donaghy is innocent until proven guilty. But the major problem for the Association, the players, and the fans, is the nature of the allegations against him. More >>

Coming of Age: Toys in Early America (7/31/07)
A drawing of a largely unclothed Indian girl with her new doll.American toys actually predate recorded history. American Indian children played with the smaller versions of their parents’ items, right down … More >>

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