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  • Aug 6 2015
  • 6 Aug 2015

Rinker on Collectibles: Fear of the Unknown, Extremely Scarce Items

Beware of the unusual is one of tenets that I stress during the authenticating seminar that I teach at my Institute for the Study of […]

  • Aug 3 2015
  • 3 Aug 2015

EBay has changed the Face of Bottle Collecting (just like every other Collectible)

For those of us who have been collecting enthusiasts for more than 30-plus years, the advent of eBay was a colossal game-changer. In my specialty—collecting […]

  • Jul 31 2015
  • 31 Jul 2015

The Last Battle of the Civil War Was not in Texas; The Confederate Flag as a Collectible

It was a month after Confederate Lieutenant General Robert E. Lee surrendered to U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia that the […]

  • Jul 27 2015
  • 27 Jul 2015

Art Glass Lamps — A Century of Elegant Lighting

A century ago, people who wanted to buy fine American-made electric lighting fixtures were presented with a bewildering array of choices. The premier company to […]

  • Jul 26 2015
  • 26 Jul 2015

Dining with Antiques – Pierced Sterling Serving Pieces

Wealthy Victorians had a formal, unique serving utensil for almost every kind of food—oysters, asparagus, bone marrow, crackers, fruit preserves, horseradish, olives—you name it. Today, […]

  • Jul 23 2015
  • 23 Jul 2015

Early American Advertising Collecting Offers Something for Everyone

During the past 50-plus years, Early American advertising has become quite collectable. The diverse variety of items in this field is nearly endless, making early […]

  • Jul 22 2015
  • 22 Jul 2015

Collecting Political and Low-Number License Plates

Ever since the days of early motor vehicle registration there has always been fierce competition among drivers to obtain a low-number license plate. In many […]

  • Jul 20 2015
  • 20 Jul 2015

What to do When You have to Sell Uncle Fred’s Militaria Collection

Chances are you or someone you know will have an opportunity to sell a military collectible at some time in your life. A bold statement? […]

  • Jul 17 2015
  • 17 Jul 2015

News on the Wire: Glass Telegraph Insulators Offer Collectible Cash

Something you see for sale at almost any flea market or tag sale are antique telegraph insulators. These are the heavy glass fittings found at […]

  • Jul 15 2015
  • 15 Jul 2015

Spiked Helmets Worn for Military Fashion not Function

The early Imperial German Empire took much pride in fashionable uniforms and headgear for its military, often choosing ornamental gear over more practical pieces. Brass […]