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  • Sep 16 2014
  • 16 Sep 2014

Cari Cucksey’s New Line of RePurpose Paint and Stain Designed with the DIYer in Mind

When looking at a piece of old furniture—something that could be called antique, based on its age, but could also be called a piece of […]

  • Sep 11 2014
  • 11 Sep 2014

Worthologist’s Kindle Book offers Advice to New Dealers in the Antiques Trade

While driving through a neighboring town, Wayne Jordan was surprised to see that a relatively new antique mall had closed down. It got him thinking […]

  • Sep 8 2014
  • 8 Sep 2014

Now that you have a Comic Book Collection, Here’s how to Keep Track of them All

If you’ve been collecting comics for a while, then you know how quickly they can begin to pile up. As I discussed in my last […]

  • Sep 3 2014
  • 3 Sep 2014

Who gets your Digital Assets when You Die? No One, unless you Prepare

Our lives have become digitized and password protected, and when we die, access to our accounts and rights to the contents thereof die with us—unless […]

  • Sep 2 2014
  • 2 Sep 2014

Thrifting with the Boys’ 10 Thrifting Tips to Increase eBay Reseller Profits

We are known as Thrifting With The Boys, motivational speakers teaching thrift store resourcing techniques and the stars of Spike TV’s “Thrift Hunters” (our other […]

  • Aug 22 2014
  • 22 Aug 2014

Three Easy Steps to Starting a Killer Comic Book Collection

So, you want to collect comics? Collecting comics seems easy in theory. Just go out and buy a pile and, boom, you’ve got a collection, […]

Mayhem at Chicago ANA; Gold Kennedy Half Dollar Changes Hands for $100,000
  • Aug 21 2014
  • 21 Aug 2014

Mayhem at Chicago ANA; Gold Kennedy Half Dollar Changes Hands for $100,000

Since its very inception some 50 years ago, the Kennedy half dollar remains for many a valued and cherished keepsake. Yet, the passion generated by […]

  • Aug 19 2014
  • 19 Aug 2014

Hallowed Relics of the Gridiron on Display at New College Football Hall of Fame

In just a couple of weeks, large portions of the country will joyously shout out many of the following phrases, while many, many more will […]

  • Aug 19 2014
  • 19 Aug 2014

Bidding for Superman Premier Comic Soaring in eBay Auction

With five days left on the eBay auction selling one of the best-preserved examples of Action Comics #1—the first appearance of Superman—the odds of this […]

  • Jul 31 2014
  • 31 Jul 2014

Be Careful about Whose Advice You take when Holding a Yard Sale

I recently read a headline of an Internet article highlighting: “11 Things No One Will Buy At Your Yard Sale.” Since many of WorthPoint’s subscribers […]