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  • Aug 15 2016
  • 15 Aug 2016

The Columbus Mint That Never Was

You won’t find any 1877-C gold $10 eagles in any collection, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. This is a tale about a U.S. […]

  • Aug 15 2016
  • 15 Aug 2016

Collecting Antique Lithographed Toys – The ‘Bliss’ of the Hunt

The development of a printing method for making chromolithographs radically changed book publication during the middle of the 1800s because it removed the need to […]

  • Aug 11 2016
  • 11 Aug 2016

Auction Report: Super Prices for First Superman & E.H. Wood Stoneware Pitcher

Welcome back… In our August 2016 report, auction news of note includes a super price for Superman, a world record for Kentucky stoneware; a Jane […]

  • Aug 9 2016
  • 9 Aug 2016

The Silver Treasures that go Unnoticed and Unclaimed

As an appraiser, I often run into under-appreciated items while being asked to examine other items that clients have deemed as more valuable. Quite often, […]

  • Aug 9 2016
  • 9 Aug 2016

WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker: An Importer’s Mark and Summer Reads

In the Aug. 10, 2016 episode of WorthPoint Chats with harry Rinker, Harry answers viewers’ questions about a set of china with an importer’s mark […]

  • Aug 8 2016
  • 8 Aug 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Summer Reads for Antiques Enthusiasts Part I

I spent the past three weeks reading 14 mysteries in which antiques and collectibles play a primary or peripheral role. Each year, as I start […]

  • Aug 8 2016
  • 8 Aug 2016

Mark of the Week: Greenwood Pottery Ne Plus Ultra Ware

We are all fortunate to have an incredible resource for identifying marks right at our fingertips. WorthPoint’s MAPS (Marks, Autographs, Patterns and Symbols) database has […]

  • Aug 5 2016
  • 5 Aug 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Red Flags for Collectors when Closing the Deal

A red flag is a situation or circumstance experienced by a collector that causes him/her to pause and think twice. There are dozens of red […]

  • Aug 4 2016
  • 4 Aug 2016

Postcard Time Machine: Collecting America’s Roadside Attractions

One of the best reasons to travel America’s highways and byways is to see things we can’t see anywhere else. Sometimes we’re driving long distances […]

  • Aug 3 2016
  • 3 Aug 2016

The Stick Chair – Introduction to the Windsor

One type of chair that everyone is familiar with is the ever present Windsor chair. But why are there so many of them and what […]