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  • Jun 21 2013
  • 21 Jun 2013

The Tale of a Hidden Chinese Export Silver Gem

中國出口銀隱藏寶石的那些事兒 Being a regular contributor to WorthPoint has its benefits—for me, that is! My main source of research tangents comes from people sharing images of […]

  • Jun 20 2013
  • 20 Jun 2013

Lawn Art: The Oft-Overlooked Value in Estates

In American popular culture, the kitsch surrounding pink flamingo lawn ornaments appears universal. Mention such ornaments and visions of trailer parks in Baltimore come to […]

  • Jun 20 2013
  • 20 Jun 2013

Feller Doll Collection Reflects 50 Years of Passion

(This article first appeared in the May 2013 issue of DOLLS magazine) Brooklyn grandmother Linda Feller has been collecting dolls for more than 50 years, […]

  • Jun 20 2013
  • 20 Jun 2013

The Lost Art—and Value—of Early Video Game Manuals

I’ve reported on a number of breathtaking auction closes for exceptionally rare video-game paraphernalia and massive collections, but I think this fairly modest $1,377 item […]

  • Jun 18 2013
  • 18 Jun 2013

The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 06/19/2013

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics, back […]

  • Jun 18 2013
  • 18 Jun 2013

Rinker on Collectibles: The Antiques & Collectibles Recovery Has Started

In recent weeks, I have spoken with more than a dozen auctioneers, trade paper editors, dealers and show promoters about the current state of the […]

  • Jun 17 2013
  • 17 Jun 2013

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Keri Seery & Social Media for the Antiques Business

In this week’s installment of the Antiques Auction Forum podcast, Martin Willis talks with Keri Seery speaks about social media, and the symbiotic relationship it […]

  • Jun 16 2013
  • 16 Jun 2013

Triumph of the Human Spirit: Commemorative Coins Honor Mettle of the World’s People

By Gerald Tebben Some coins are tributes—metallic and medallic—to the triumph of the human spirit. Born of adversity, they rise above their mundane mercantile brethren […]

  • Jun 15 2013
  • 15 Jun 2013

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Sterling Silver & Tortoiseshell Cigar Box

QUESTION: I have an English sterling silver cigarette box with a tortoiseshell lid. It measures approximately 7 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches. Since […]

  • Jun 14 2013
  • 14 Jun 2013

The Collector’s Minute: Empire versus Empire Revival

About once a month, we have a piece of furniture submitted by excited clients who are positive what they found is well more than 150 […]