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  • Jan 27 2016
  • 27 Jan 2016

Lost and Found Visuals: The Art and Value of Vernacular Photography

The old photograph was pasted into a scrapbook and had crusty brown rubber cement seeping around the edges. The image was a little girl with […]

  • Jan 25 2016
  • 25 Jan 2016

Bold as Brass: Cleaning Your Antique Brass Furniture Hardware

Most traditional furniture hardware is brass or brass looking, but that covers a multitude of sins. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and […]

  • Jan 19 2016
  • 19 Jan 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: London Bridge is Falling Down

When my “Rinker on Collectibles” column first appeared in 1987, its focus was the emerging 20th-century collectibles market. Twenty-nine years later, the 20th-century collectibles secondary […]

  • Jan 18 2016
  • 18 Jan 2016

Institute for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles Announces 2016 Seminar Slate

The Institute for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles has announced to two seminar series for 2016 that will consist of introductory and era-specific courses […]

  • Jan 15 2016
  • 15 Jan 2016

Dining with Antiques – Monet’s Dishes

The breathtaking impressionist paintings of Claude Monet (1840-1926) have spawned a collectible industry of giant proportions. Prints, posters, coffee table books, calendars, Christmas cards, screen […]

  • Jan 14 2016
  • 14 Jan 2016

The Outstanding Pottery & Tile of Santa Catalina Island

The Catalina story is a fascinating chapter in the history of Southern California ceramics. In operation for only 10 years, Catalina Clay Products—a project of […]

  • Jan 14 2016
  • 14 Jan 2016

Marghab Linens—The Finest Embroidery Ever Made

Imagine a tablecloth of the finest Irish linen, embroidered with the best French embroidery floss in a design of exquisite colors and flowing lines. Not […]

  • Jan 13 2016
  • 13 Jan 2016

Chinese Auction Houses: More Than Just Culture Shock!

The mad scramble by Western entrepreneurs and businessmen to “get into the China market” leaves visible scorch marks across the globe that are probably so […]

  • Jan 12 2016
  • 12 Jan 2016

The Leaf Problem: Where to Put Table Extensions

Extension dining tables were a great invention. Going from slabs of boards laid across trestles to a fixed table that could be expanded at will […]

  • Jan 11 2016
  • 11 Jan 2016

Collectors Snap to Attention for Historic Field Drums

Church-bells ringing on Sunday morning are a familiar sound in communities all over America. There was a time, though, that the faithful were called to […]