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  • Feb 15 2016
  • 15 Feb 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Introduction to the Forgotten Giants

In early December 2015, I received a package from Richard and Ramona Wise, R. & R. Antiques, Charleston, Illinois, who had attended the Institute for […]

  • Feb 12 2016
  • 12 Feb 2016

The Postcard Time Machine: Vintage Valentine Postcards have Heart

The first mailed valentine was postmarked in 1806 in England. By the end of the 1800s, fancy valentines adorned with lace, ribbons, hearts and Cupids […]

  • Feb 10 2016
  • 10 Feb 2016

A Valentine’s Love Story Through Steiff Dolls

Every enthusiast has extra-special items in his or her collection—certain items that just take a gold medal for their rarity, design or the story behind […]

  • Feb 9 2016
  • 9 Feb 2016

Making a Federal Case: A Young America Tries to Find its Own Style

One of the most popular and most reproduced styles in America for the last 100 years has been the Federal style of the early 19th […]

  • Feb 8 2016
  • 8 Feb 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: The Shelf-Sitter Era has Ended

A shelf-sitter is an object that rests upon a hanging shelf, mantle, tabletop, bookcase or cabinet with glass doors. It is an object that is […]

  • Feb 8 2016
  • 8 Feb 2016

How I Overcame my Fear of Consigning Things for Sale at an Auction

Last year I decided to get into the auction game. I had a couple of items that I thought would bring a nice return, to […]

  • Feb 4 2016
  • 4 Feb 2016

Is the Doll Collecting Market Booming or Busting?

“Boom or bust” is a phrase I heard many times growing up in the coalfield region of Eastern Kentucky. The small burg where I grew […]

  • Feb 2 2016
  • 2 Feb 2016

Q and A With Harry Rinker: Mid-Century Die Cast Cap Gun

QUESTION: I have a western-style toy cap gun marked “KUSAN, INC. NASHVILLE, TENN. #280.” It is in excellent shape and completely functional. I am interested […]

  • Feb 1 2016
  • 1 Feb 2016

Succeeding in Your Business: Private Labeling and Trademark Infringement Online

Two emails I received this week deal with a recent phenomenon in e-commerce—the so-called “private labeling” of merchandise on Amazon, eBay and other online venues. […]

  • Jan 27 2016
  • 27 Jan 2016

How to Bequeath Your Collection and Keep it out of Probate

To some, leaving behind a meaningful legacy upon death is important. To have built a house, written a book, created a business or performed a […]