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  • May 26 2016
  • 26 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Saving Grandma’s China and Mom’s Dinnerware Service

The question is the same whether it arrives as an email or asked during an appraisal clinic or personal clinic: “The kids do not want […]

  • May 23 2016
  • 23 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Who Are the HENRYs and Why are they Critical to the Future of Collecting?

The search for general terms that differentiate generations, economic and diversity groupings is continuous. Although not a fan of generalities, some of my previous “Rinker […]

  • May 19 2016
  • 19 May 2016

Zimmerman Gun Sells at Second Auction while ‘Decoy’ Auction Draws Outrage, Bogus Bids

Pop quiz: When is an auction not an auction? Answer: When it involves the sale of George Zimmerman’s gun. After three failed auctions and seven […]

  • May 18 2016
  • 18 May 2016

How to Use Marker’s Marks to Identify and Value Antiques and Collectibles

For those of us interested in antiques and collectibles, maker’s marks, shop and factory marks, brands and labels can both help identify and indicate a […]

  • May 18 2016
  • 18 May 2016

Q and A with Harry Rinker: A ’50s-Era Philadelphia Athletics Felt Pennant

QUESTION:: I have a 1950s-era, triangular-shaped, Philadelphia Athletics felt pennant measuring 35 inches in length and 11 inches across the top. The top has a […]

  • May 17 2016
  • 17 May 2016

Auction Updates: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Auction World

In the world of auctions this month, we see the weird—and, frankly, tasteless—gun auction, a piece of rock ‘n’ roll royalty, a history lesson, some […]

  • May 15 2016
  • 15 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Sounding Off About Collecting Vinyl Records

Columbia Records introduced the microgroove vinyl long playing (LP) phonographic record in 1948. The vinyl LP had fine groves and a 33 1/3-speed, extending the […]

  • May 13 2016
  • 13 May 2016

The Secret Japanese Art of Kintsugi Brings Beauty to Breakage

Break a favorite antique? Instead of throwing it out or gluing it together, there is an alternative. Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese method of repairing ceramic, […]

  • May 13 2016
  • 13 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Mattel’s Battle to Save Barbie

What is the shelf life of a toy? The Slinky was invented by Richard James in 1943. The Radio Flyer wagon and Lincoln Logs will […]

  • May 9 2016
  • 9 May 2016

Mountain Dulcimers are Music to Folk Instrument Collectors’ Ears

By any definition, mountain dulcimers (a.k.a. lap dulcimers, Appalachian dulcimers, Kentucky dulcimers, or other regional name variations) are an ideal collectible. They are arguably the […]