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Curse You, Red Baron! Rare Snoopy Flying Ace Sunday Strip up for Auction (10/30/14)
This “Red BaronAn extremely rare original comic strip featuring Snoopy as the Flying Ace could realize a record auction price. Charlie Brown and … More >>

Horror Comic Books: When Bad Things Happen to Good (and Bad) People (10/28/14)
Crime SuspenStories No. 22Horror comic books, like horror movies, aren’t for everyone. I think you have to be a little bit twisted to … More >>

Putting Together a Vintage Halloween Party: Great-Grandma Used Dennison’s Bogie Books (10/24/14)
1913 Dennison’s Bogie BookHalloween parties in the United States became popular during the 1880s and 1890s, when they were held primarily as social … More >>

Halloween and Horror Movie Imagery at the English Cinema (10/23/14)
HalloweenUS1With Halloween fast approaching, it’s that time of the year when we sit back, turn off the lights and scare … More >>

History Shines Light on Celebrating Halloween Collectibles (10/23/14)
paper table decorations  The tradition of Halloween is rooted deep in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, dating back almost 2,000 years. In … More >>

What Makes a Back-Issue Comic Hot? Age, Relevance & Events Matter (10/3/14)
As a comic book collector, we all have dream issues, blue-chip comics, hot back-issues, (call them whatever you’d like) that we’ve been hunting down for years. But have you ever stopped to think, what made that issue you’ve been dreaming about adding to your collection hot?  If you’re a comic book collector like me, then you’ve probably been hunting down back issues for quite some time. … More >>

Antarctic Sledding Note Delivered by Dog Throws Light on Historic Polar Explorations (9/16/14)
Prints made from glass negative of Captain Scott and members of the crew of Discovery on their arrival at Lyttelton, New Zealand. LONDON – A fascinating collection of sledding notes written by members of Capt. Robert F. Scott’s National Antarctic Expedition during … More >>

Now that you have a Comic Book Collection, Here’s how to Keep Track of them All (9/8/14)
First launched in 1992, ComicBase is now on version 17. It hosts information on “almost 600,000” comics and comes with a mobile app that allows you to take your collection with you on the go and automatic synch capability.If you’ve been collecting comics for a while, then you know how quickly they can begin to pile up. As … More >>

Superman Comic Book Smashes Sales Record by more than $1 Million on eBay (8/25/14)
This copy of Action Comics #1—graded in 9.0 condition with white pages—set a world record for comic book prices, selling for $3,207,752 on eBay in an auction that ended Sunday evening. As expected, the final 10 minutes of the eBay auction selling the highest-rated Action Comics #1—the first appearance of Superman—were as exciting … More >>

Three Easy Steps to Starting a Killer Comic Book Collection (8/22/14)
Batman’s first appearance sells for north of $1 million in higher grade condition.So, you want to collect comics? Collecting comics seems easy in theory. Just go out and buy a pile and, … More >>

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