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Famous Classics and What They’re Worth – ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (2/21/11)
Frontispiece and title pageBooks that can sell for $100,000 or more at auction are rare indeed. They are purchased by museums, libraries and … More >>

What is My Antique Worth? Simplifying Appraisal Values (9/14/10)
gavel & moneyDid you know that a single item can have several different appraised values? In fact, when you “Ask a Worthologist” … More >>

Pictures that Illustrate Thousands of Words: Collecting Original Illustrative Art (9/7/10)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Some book collectors collect books based solely on the illustrations, and for good reason. Many books from the late … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Gutta-Percha-Covered Book (5/10/10)
The Good Shunammite” with a cover made of gutta percha. A copy with some chipping, dings to the corners and other minor defects retail for $500 or more.Selma D. found an interesting antique book with a cover unlike any she had seen before. She engaged WorthPoint’s “Ask … More >>

Collecting Classic Horror Books—Tales that Scared Our Great-Great-Grandparents (10/26/09)
Illustration by Christina Rossetti’s brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, for the first edition of “Goblin Market and Other Poem,” 1862.  “Morning and evening Maids heard the goblins cry ‘Come buy our orchard fruits, Come buy, come buy’ ” Thus begins Christina Rossetti’s 1859 … More >>

The King of the Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe Offers Various Avenues of Collectibles (10/26/09)
Edgar Allen Poe offers various avenues of collectibles.As the undisputed father of terror and the grotesque, Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) wrote more than 150 poems, essays and … More >>

This Week in Geek 9/30/09 (9/30/09)
SpiderwomanMaybe it was the iTunes motion comic, or writer Brian Michael Bendis’ undying love for her, but one thing is … More >>

Harry Rinker’s Hypothetical New Book: Not Appropriate for ‘The Big House’ (9/28/09)
Harry RinkerI am addicted to the cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM), much to the chagrin of my wife Linda who … More >>

Last Year’s Almanacs May Not Be Useful, but They Sure Are Collectible (9/9/09)
The "Tribune Almanac of 1859," published by H. Greeley co. New York, contains 80 pages of info and advertisements.It used to be said of something no longer of use that it was “as useless as last year’s almanac.” … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Art Books, Beatles Bazooka Wrapper, Esther Hunt Bust (7/7/09)
harry-rinkerQUESTION: I want to sell old (1960 and older) hardcover art books. They are in very good condition and still … More >>

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