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Franklin Pierce-Jefferson Davis Signatures Document

One of the most unique things about this document is that it bears the original signatures of Franklin Pierce (who served as President of the United States) and Jefferson Davis (who was the only man to serve as President of the Confederate States). One must wonder why two people from opposing sides would want to […]

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Examining a 1799 Indenture Document

EDITOR’S NOTE: Visiting the small New England town of Brimfield, Mass., is usually a normal, everyday occurrence, as you roll right through Route 10 on the way out of town. It is a sleepy little burg, except when it becomes the “Antiques Capital of the United States.” For one week every spring, summer and fall, […]

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Properly Framing your documents, prints and maps

Properly Framing Your Documents, Prints and Maps

By Rick Badwey

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Collecting Historical Autographs – Basic info

When collecting autographs, it is better to collect letters and documents and avoid clipped signatures (signatures that were cut from letters or documents). First, there is nothing historical about a clip, and Secondly, it is very hard to properly authenticate a clipped signature. Go for letters and documents and other “larger” items.

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Immigration, learning from our antiques

As the founder of WorthPoint, I have been asked countless times what I collect. I think it is a funny question, as I have learned that a collector’s attention span is usually measured in a 5-6 year time span. I am typical in that respect, as, what I collect changes every 5-6 years. The problem is that I keep what I collected, thus, I have many collections that I am not active in.

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Letter to Rush Limbaugh Sells for $2.1 million

Recently on Ebay, a letter signed by 41 Democratic Senators including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joe Biden and Barbara Boxer. It sold on Ebay for $2.1 million to benefit the Marine corps Law Enforcement Foundation. They will provide scholarships for children of those killed in action, according to the buyer, the Eugene B. Casey Foundation.

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Do You Know What Your President Signed?

The President of the United States is a very busy person. Their entire day is mostly meetings with staff, with constituencies, with groups, with the media, with government officials, with ambassadors, with other heads of state, along with ceremonies, bill signings, speeches, travel…whew. Who would want the job. Yet, many do.

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