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  • Mar 4 2013
  • 4 Mar 2013

Two Historic Lots Relating to Gen. George Armstrong Custer to Cross the Block

FAIRFIELD, Maine — Two lots related to Gen. George A. Custer and featuring historically important and museum quality materials, including wartime documents, letters, photographs, medals […]

  • Feb 12 2013
  • 12 Feb 2013

Auction House, Damaged by Sandy, Returns with Toy, Book, Memorabilia Sales

LYNBROOK, N.Y.— Three auctions have been scheduled for February and March featuring historical memorabilia, rare books, stamps, and coins hosted by Phillip Weiss Auctions. The […]

  • Feb 27 2009
  • 27 Feb 2009

The Scandal of Clipped Autograph Cards

P.T. Barnum was dead on correct with the famous phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Although this saying can be applied to almost any […]

  • Feb 20 2009
  • 20 Feb 2009

Lincoln Victory Speech Nets $3.5 Million

Although we are in a recession, the combination of passion, with money, of course, drives the market. In the autograph industry, we’ve seen a stabilization […]

  • Jan 30 2009
  • 30 Jan 2009

Preserving precious letters from the past

How do I protect a collection of poignant World War II letters from my father? First, copy them. Until recently, I always suggested photocopying. Today, […]

  • Oct 30 2008
  • 30 Oct 2008

Ancient Illuminated Manuscripts

Ancient Illuminated Manuscripts

By Liz Holderman

  • Sep 25 2008
  • 25 Sep 2008

Collecting Historical Autographs – Basic info

When collecting autographs, it is better to collect letters and documents and avoid clipped signatures (signatures that were cut from letters or documents). First, there is nothing historical about a clip, and Secondly, it is very hard to properly authenticate a clipped signature. Go for letters and documents and other “larger” items.

  • Sep 11 2008
  • 11 Sep 2008

Great Antiques Find: Tea Caddy’s Secret

You get 10 Worthologists together under one roof with approximately 30 years each of experience, and I guarantee no matter how diverse their areas of specialty, they all have one thing in common: STORIES OF THE GREAT Antiques and Collectibles FIND. Here’s one of mine.

  • Jul 5 2008
  • 5 Jul 2008

Immigration, learning from our antiques

As the founder of WorthPoint, I have been asked countless times what I collect. I think it is a funny question, as I have learned that a collector’s attention span is usually measured in a 5-6 year time span. I am typical in that respect, as, what I collect changes every 5-6 years. The problem is that I keep what I collected, thus, I have many collections that I am not active in.

  • Mar 10 2008
  • 10 Mar 2008

Collectable Cultural Gold or Street Debris?

Collectable Cultural Gold or Street Debris?