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Giving Thanks for Vintage Cards (11/17/08)
Thanksgiving is one of America’s most traditional holidays. But unlike Christmas, which features ornaments and snow globes, and the Fourth of July, which is festooned with flags and militaria, the nation’s annual harvest feast is associated with fewer collectibles. More >>

Mining for Book Treasures (11/13/08)
Why amass book collectibles? What drives some of us to fill our homes from floor to ceiling with books, to haunt bookshops, book fairs and auctions to acquire more and then cast forth again to seek yet more? Well, mainly, many of us who collect do so because we love books, and we like to have them around us within easy reach. More >>

This Week in Geek 11/12 (11/13/08)
Cover of JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman The Week in Geek 11/12 By Matt Baum More >>

Properly Framing your documents, prints and maps (11/13/08)
Paul Revere Signed DocumentProperly Framing Your Documents, Prints and Maps By Rick Badwey More >>

Hand Drawn Movie Posters (11/12/08)
Loew’s staff artists Charles Reese Collier and Sid Smith captured the mood of each film by drawing highly expressive portraits of the stars in scenes from the film, which they based on stills provided by the studio. Hand drawn movie posters By Allan Maurer The magazine Architectural Digest has an interesting piece about the hand-drawn chalk and paint movie posters by staff artists Charles Reese Collier and Sid Smith for Loew’s Grand Theatre on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. More >>

Crazy Prices for Obama Victory Papers (11/11/08)
November 5 was a very special day for the United States of America. When Barack Obama was declared the next president of the United States, hot collectibles were the next morning’s newspaper. Across the country, the demand for the Nov. 5 edition of the newspaper, any newspaper, was astronomical. More >>

Geek of the Week 11/05/08 (11/6/08)
Sandman: The Dream Hunters Week in Geek 11/05 By Matt Baum More >>

James Bond Memorabilia (11/4/08)
Poster for the James Bond movie Experts Say James Bond Memorabilia Value is Rising By Allan Maurer Reuters reports that the value of James Bond memorabilia has “shot up.” “There is a high level of collector interest in original Bond movie posters,” Astrid Zweynert writes. More >>

Is That Old Circus Poster You Found Authentic or a Reproduction? (11/3/08)
p-141So you’ve just found the most amazing circus poster online and want to bid on it. Or maybe you are thinking about buying one at an antique mall. How do you know it is real? Could it be a reproduction? You aren’t sure. What can you do? More >>

This Week In Geek 10-29 (10/30/08)
Savage, Image Shadowline Geek of the Week 10-29 By Matt Baum More >>

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