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Hitting a Circus Jackpot at Annual Florida Antiquarian Book Fair (4/6/13)
2013 Book FairThis year I hit the jackpot in my on-going quest to add to my collection of circus memorabilia. Each March, … More >>

Hidden Surprises: Signatures on Old Checks are Part of Lithuanian History (2/21/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben05-17-10_imageBy Gerald Tebben You never know what you’ll find when you walk by Dan Rich’s table at central Ohio coin and … More >>

The Breathtaking Beauty of 19th–Century Valentine’s Day Cards (2/11/13)
Valentine 5 - CopyIt will be Valentine’s Day on Thursday and love will be expressed in many ways, including the sending of Valentine’s … More >>

Spring Training Means One Thing to Collectors: Chasing Autographs (2/11/13)
signingAutograph collecting is a tradition whose history has been well documented years before the concept of an organized baseball pre-season … More >>

Gravestone Rubbings: Gruesome and Macabre or just another Collectible? (10/22/12)
unusual symbolsThe practice of gravestone rubbing has been in existence for hundreds of years. Their original purpose was to reproduce the … More >>

Original Vampire Literature & Movie Memorabilia are Collectibles to Count On (10/12/12)
Universal’s 1931 movie DraculaWhen Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed romance novel, “Twilight,” was published in 2005, it was an overnight sensation. Cashing in on the … More >>

Early Original Political Cartoon Art Collectible and Underpriced (4/18/12)
political cartoon lincolnImagine being able to own an original piece of art documenting an important moment in time of American political history … More >>

It Takes a Little Luck O’ the Irish to Secure St. Patrick’s Day Collectibles (3/12/12)
candy holder 1Enthusiasts who collect vintage holiday decorations greatly enjoy the hunt for St. Patrick’s Day items, especially rare pieces from the … More >>

Collecting Daguerreotypes: Focus in on the Famous and the Unknown Alike (4/12/11)
DAGUERREOTYPE OF JOHN BROWNCollecting daguerreotypes—19th century silver plated photographs—can be a thrilling hunt for any antique fan. The number of collectors looking for … More >>

Collector’s Minute: First Commercial Christmas Card (12/21/10)
FirstchristmascardTo collectors, there is always a “Holy Grail” or the “Stuff of Dreams” for their category of collecting, for which, … More >>

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