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Original Vampire Literature & Movie Memorabilia are Collectibles to Count On (10/12/12)
Universal’s 1931 movie DraculaWhen Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed romance novel, “Twilight,” was published in 2005, it was an overnight sensation. Cashing in on the … More >>

Early Original Political Cartoon Art Collectible and Underpriced (4/18/12)
political cartoon lincolnImagine being able to own an original piece of art documenting an important moment in time of American political history … More >>

It Takes a Little Luck O’ the Irish to Secure St. Patrick’s Day Collectibles (3/12/12)
candy holder 1Enthusiasts who collect vintage holiday decorations greatly enjoy the hunt for St. Patrick’s Day items, especially rare pieces from the … More >>

Collecting Daguerreotypes: Focus in on the Famous and the Unknown Alike (4/12/11)
DAGUERREOTYPE OF JOHN BROWNCollecting daguerreotypes—19th century silver plated photographs—can be a thrilling hunt for any antique fan. The number of collectors looking for … More >>

Collector’s Minute: First Commercial Christmas Card (12/21/10)
FirstchristmascardTo collectors, there is always a “Holy Grail” or the “Stuff of Dreams” for their category of collecting, for which, … More >>

Unusual Family Mementos: Granddad’s FBI Wanted Posters (10/25/10)
MGA9198FBIWNA_50[1] Years ago, I came across a bunch of FBI wanted poster cards from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. I … More >>

The Christmas Card Tale – The Origin of the Ubiquitous Holiday Missive (12/22/09)
A vintage Christmas card by Wanamaker & Brown of Philidelphia.How do tell somebody you care? Go to the store, buy a card and let somebody else do the telling … More >>

Dating Your Vintage Photographs (1840 – 1900) Part 2: Women’s Clothing Styles (6/8/09)
1840s fashion with side ringlets, full bonnets, bare shoulders, tight forearm sleeves and long pointed bodices. “Graham’s Magazine,” 1841Many people inherit photographs of ancestors from generations past and often struggle with the frustrations of identifying the age of … More >>

Dating Your Vintage Photographs (1840 – 1900) Part 1: Image Formats (6/2/09)
photo1Many people inherit photographs of generations of ancestors and struggle with frustrations of identifying exactly who is in each photo. … More >>

A Moment In Time: Collecting Antique Photographs (5/29/09)
Daguerreotype and two Ambrotypes from B. L. Williams Collection Used with permissionAs I was busily dusting photos of various family members whose faces line the stairway of our home I was … More >>

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