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Mother’s Day, Moms and Tattoos: An American Tradition (5/6/14) Mother’s Day approaches, and sons and daughters are considering what to get Mom as a gift, many will decide … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: The Dionne’s Miracle Quintuplets (3/17/14)
trikesOn May 28, 1934 a young farm wife in the back woods of northern Ontario, Canada, gave birth to identical … More >>

St. Patrick’s Day: Another Excuse to Collect! (3/11/14)
postcardAs an Irish person—living in Ireland—let me relay the bad news/set the record straight: we don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: How About Those Quiz Kids? (3/3/14)
redThe Quiz Kids were part of American culture for many years. In a time when children were to be seen … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Life of the Tlingits of Canada and Alaska (1/10/14)
eagleEvery so often I come across a set of postcards that captivates me. While the value of the set may … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Christmas—The Way it Never Was (12/21/13)
kidsdoorThese days, I hear people bemoaning the commercialization of the holiday season. At least once during Black Friday, there’s a … More >>

A Day At Disney World—In Postcards (12/18/13)
overviewWhen Walt Disney World opened its gates in Orlando in 1971, I was 19 years old. Having traveled Florida’s byways … More >>

Whiskey Making Collectibles a Legal Way to Remember Our Moonshining History (12/2/13)
antique moonshine jugAug. 10, 1958, just north of Blacksburg, Va.: The blue ’58 Ford sedan was hard to keep on the road. Moving … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: All the Single Ladies (10/12/13)
friendThese days most young women know that they can get an education and launch a fulfilling career they enjoy. They … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Remembering More Stars of TV and Film (9/24/13)
dannyPostcards of famous people have always been popular. In addition to historical figures, authors and kings and queens, postcards celebrate … More >>

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