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Is That Old Circus Poster You Found Authentic or a Reproduction? More Answers

Nearly seven years ago I wrote my first article for WorthPoint—“Is That Old Circus Poster You Found Authentic or a Reproduction?”—a guide to help identify circus poster reproductions. Ever since, I have been receiving e-mails with comments about that article and questions about posters readers have found. Hopefully, I can answer or clarify some of […]

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Christmas Movie Posters: A Yuletide Collectible Category

Some of our strongest memories of Christmas involve movies, either those that evoke the very ethos of Christmas or others which have a Christmas like theme. Often, the movies we associate with Christmas can be very personal. Posters for Christmas movies vary in collectability and in the genre in which they are based. With the […]

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Halloween and Horror Movie Imagery at the English Cinema

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s that time of the year when we sit back, turn off the lights and scare ourselves silly with a good horror movie. Horror’s success as a genre is mirrored in the collecting interest in horror movie posters. As examples, an original poster for “Bride of Frankenstein” (1935) sold for $334,500 […]

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Postcard Time Machine: Collecting America’s Roadside Attractions

One of the best reasons to travel America’s highways and byways is to see things we can’t see anywhere else. Sometimes we’re driving long distances to visit relatives; sometimes for work, and, when we’re lucky, we’re on vacation, motoring to an enjoyable destination. As the Independence Day holiday is fast approaching, and many Americans will […]

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Circus Memorabilia Expert’s eBay Searches Reveal Scores of Misidentified Posters

Every day I search eBay for new listings of circus items, hoping to find something rare or unusual to add to my collection. I use several search criteria. My search today for “circus, Barnum, Ringling” in the collectibles category resulted in new 800-plus items listed since yesterday. It takes only minutes to scan the typical […]

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Only Known U.S. Poster for Lon Chaney’s ‘London After Midnight’ Could Bring $50,000

DALLAS – The only known copy of the U.S. release one sheet from the 1927 lost cinema classic “London After Midnight”—one of the “holy grails” of early cinema—may bring $50,000 or more at Heritage Auctions’ Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction, slated for Nov. 22-23. The rare poster highlights a large and important collection of paper […]

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The Postcard Time Machine: Using Postcards Creatively

“Gee, these old postcards are cool—but I’m not really a collector,” say several of my friends. Some tell me that they have a few old postcards that were sent to family members, and they just don’t know what to do with them. Let’s explore some ideas for interesting things can you do with postcards. Create […]

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Sex Sells, but is it Collectable? Russ Meyer Movie Posters Are

Like it or not, sex sells! Unsurprisingly, sex figures prominently in popular culture through history. Early movies were quick to capitalize on sex, although the introduction of the Hays Code in 1930 and the resulting strict censorship kept things fairly buttoned up for nearly four decades. The more laissez-faire attitudes following the Second World War, […]

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Great Finds: Rare Babe Ruth Poster Found in Wall of Demolished House

If you have an old house in Minnesota, start tearing down those walls… they seem to have very valuable items used as insulation up there. The word has come down from St. Paul that a rare poster of Babe Ruth was found during the demolition of an old house there. The 88-year-old poster is up […]

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Extra! Extra! Newspaper Movie Posters Take You to Where the Action Is

From cinema’s earliest days, newspapers offered the movies heroes, heroines and a visual shorthand it used constantly not only in the films, but also in the movie posters, lobby cards and stills used to promote them. It’s one of my main collecting areas and, while it’s obvious that I’m not the only one collecting newspaper-themed […]

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