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  • Dec 7 2010
  • 7 Dec 2010

Ask A Worthologist Question: Dresser-Designed Minton Porcelain Vase

Anne J. has a piece of porcelain that her grandfather had picked up in England during the Second World War. Looking for a value before […]

  • Nov 16 2010
  • 16 Nov 2010

Collector’s Minute: Ivorex and Plaster Plaques

Appraisers & dealers often run across odd items that their owners are convinced are made of some exotic, hand-carved material such as marble or ivory. […]

  • Nov 2 2010
  • 2 Nov 2010

Face Jugs: A Uniquely Southern Collectible with a Mysterious Origin

Bulging, uneven eyes and pointed teeth may not sound like desirable facial attributes, but in the world of face jugs, sometimes the uglier the better. […]

  • Sep 27 2010
  • 27 Sep 2010

Ask A Worthologist Question: Dutch Delft Tiles

When Jennifer T. bought a house, she found some ceramic tiles wrapped in Dutch newspapers. Having seen similar tiles in auction catalogs, Jennifer engaged WorthPoint’s […]

  • Sep 15 2010
  • 15 Sep 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Wedgwood American Views Plates

It might seem strange, but the country that was the largest producer of pottery depicting American heroes of the Revolution, their homes and famous land […]

  • Aug 24 2010
  • 24 Aug 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Unmarked Porcelain Puzzles

Unmarked 18th- & 19th-century porcelain is a puzzle to everyone, even among dealers and experts. Trying to attribute an unmarked piece at first glance can […]

  • Jul 26 2010
  • 26 Jul 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Royal Doulton Women’s Suffrage Ink Wells

Every movement in history has its highs and lows captured in the decorative arts of the time, either as heroic statuary and dramatic portraiture to […]

  • Jul 5 2010
  • 5 Jul 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Dutch Delft Pottery Charger

This is an example of a Dutch Delft pottery charger, designed to be hung as a decorative wall plate. Most such wall plates measure more […]

  • Jun 29 2010
  • 29 Jun 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Wedgwood Black Basalt

These wine & water ewers are 19th-century Wedgwood pieces in what’s referred to as “black basalt,” a hard, black vitreous stoneware named after the volcanic […]

  • Jun 15 2010
  • 15 Jun 2010

The Collector’s Minute: Japanese Sumida Ware

Among the strangest pieces to came out of the Orient during the late 19th century are Japanese export pottery called “Sumida ware,” named after their […]