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Sèvres: The History of Porcelain Fit for a King (6/23/09)
One of a pair of Clodion vases, made at Manufacture Royale de Porcelaine de France, and given by Louis XVIII of France to Monsieur, his brother, future king Charles X. Hard-paste porcelain and gilt bronze, 1817.There is a porcelain factory in France that in 1752 was designated as the Manufacture Royale de Porcelaine de France. … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles: What Does Bankruptcy Mean To Collectors? (6/23/09)
harry-rinker2The early January 2009 announcement that Waterford Wedgwood PLC is entering receivership, the British form of bankruptcy, is the latest … More >>

The Origin of Royal Doulton Porcelain (5/19/09)
An example of a Toby character mug, this one a bootmaker from the “D” series.Porcelain and china firms usually take their names from the company’s founder. In 1815, John Doulton became a partner with … More >>

One Cottage Industry Whose Wares Have Proved Timeless (4/27/09)
As early as the 1760s, several English companies were making cottages in both porcelain and pottery, to be used as pastille burners. (A pastille is a small pellet of an aromatic paste, used either to fumigate or deodorize.) The small cone of something like charcoal or gum arabic was saturated with the fragrance to be used, placed on a base, lit, and covered with the cottage. The perfume rose up the chimney and helped rid the room of the many odors always present in homes of the day.Over the last few years collecting cottages, especially those made by the company Dept. 56—such as the Original Snow Village … More >>

Art of the Glaze: Collecting North Carolina Art Pottery (4/8/09)
This unsigned North Carolina ring handle art pottery vase with decorative ring lug handles on the top sides is advertised as made by Arthur Ray Cole in the 1940s. By A. Everette James, Jr. (All items shown in this article are availabe for purchase through Click on the photos … More >>

The Main Types of Under-Glaze Decorations in Japanese Porcelain (3/23/09)
Blown in design, 1630-1640There are five main types of under-glaze decoration that were used in the Arita kilns: Blue and white, sometsuke in … More >>

Identifying Japanese Porcelain Types: Arita, Imari and Hizen (2/27/09)
White porcelain, 1680-1740, included items for ceremonies—such as funerary war—and for household use.It can be confusing to try to figure out the different types of ware and the different terms used with … More >>

Early Japanese Porcelain—the Beauty of ‘That which is Enough’ (2/13/09)
1When looking at early- to mid-17th century porcelain from Europe and Asia, it is easy to think the level of … More >>

Auction Report: Brrrring in Syracuse (1/27/09)
Five-shilling noteWhat felt like subzero temperatures did not deter avid antiques buyers from attending the Salt City Antique show in Syracuse, … More >>

Chinese Export Porcelain’s Long Journey from Early China (1/24/09)
19th-20th century blue-and-white CantonBy Lisa Marion WorthPoint Worthologist Many moons ago as a novice collector of porcelain, I thought that the phrase “Chinese Export … More >>

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