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  • Apr 11 2008
  • 11 Apr 2008

Arita Pottery

Hi, I’m Elise and I now live in Amsterdam. When I was in my twenties I lived in Japan for seven years. I wasn’t a geisha or anything like that. I led a rock and roll life as a music journalist and impresario.

  • Apr 7 2008
  • 7 Apr 2008

Networking Pays Off in Antique Show Finds

Daryle Lambert’ 31 Club Blog:

  • Apr 2 2008
  • 2 Apr 2008

Stoneware Jugs Can Pad Your Pockets

31 Club member, Cecil, attended a very small flea market in Greenville Kentucky, when a gentleman approached him inquiring about one of the exhibitors. Cecil […]

  • Mar 31 2008
  • 31 Mar 2008

Treasure Under the Table in Yellow Ware

There’s a new ending to Friday’s Blog about our adventure to the estate sale. I’ve always told you to dig into every corner and look into every cabinet. Well, I took my own advice.

  • Mar 15 2008
  • 15 Mar 2008

Is it Time to Buy Royal Doulton Again?

Today’s Photo: Royal Doulton Tiger sold for $270 at Direct Auction, Chicago

  • Feb 3 2008
  • 3 Feb 2008

Rookwood Pottery

Like many successful businesses, one of the most prominent late 19th and early 20th century ceramics and pottery companies was created from a hobby.

  • Jan 13 2008
  • 13 Jan 2008

Rutherford B. Hayes Commemorative China

On occasion, online auction companies have offered a uniquely produced piece of White House china service from the Administration of Rutherford B. Hayes from 1877 to 1881.

  • Nov 12 2007
  • 12 Nov 2007

The Eisenhower Birthday Plate

Sometimes in the world of collectibles there is an event item that is made specifically and only for that special time and then there is a commemorative item that was not made officially for the event, but instead honors the event itself.  For example, the official inaugural medal for a president’s swearing in recognizes the event officially.  Another company produces its own inaugural medal

  • Feb 17 2007
  • 17 Feb 2007

Nineteenth Century Chalkware

The origin of antique American chalkware is generally attributed to the Pennsylvania Dutch, first appearing in the mid 1800’s as a low-cost decorative alternative to […]