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Ask A Worthologist Question: Rosenthal Art Deco Urn

Stella B. picked up this Rosenthal urn at a church bazaar, in a box complete with plastic roses for $40 and stuffed with newspapers circa, 1959. As is usual with sales of this type, many of the items were donated were pulled out of closets, attics and basements with little or no documentation or family […]

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Ask A Worthologist Question: Art Nouveau-Style Chocolate Service Set

WorthPoint member Denise A. has what she was told is a coffee set that dates from the late 1800s, the former property of a relative who traveled extensively during the 1920s and collected things from all over the world. While Denise likes the look of the set, it really does not go with anything in […]

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Unloved Antiques: Dragonware Tea Set

The ninth item in this series of “Unloved Antiques” is Dragonware. The tea set above is a good example of this Japanese pottery. Dragonware is the term used to describe porcelain or pottery items with raised decorations that depict an oriental dragon. Many family stories abound about these colorful tea sets; in fact, we’ve almost […]

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Ask A Worthologist Question: Rosenthal Figurine

James M. spotted this Rosenthal figurine in a box lot of odds and ends at a country auction last year and bought the box for the huge sum of $12. Most of the other stuff in the box—table-top bric-a-brac—appeared to date from the 1930s, but it was the figurine that caught his eye as potentially […]

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Dining with Antiques – White House China

In the United States, official state dinners are formal events hosted by the President in honor of visiting heads of foreign governments. Ceremonial in nature, they are often held to reaffirm diplomatic ties. In times past, these protocol-heavy dinners were also given for members of the cabinet, Supreme Court and Congress, as well as for […]

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Dining with Antiques – Dinner with Salvador Dali

“At the age of 6 I wanted to be a cook,” wrote Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali in his 1942 autobiography. “At 7 I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily since.” Dali (1904-1989) is best known for his symbolic and controversial paintings, his flamboyant, eccentric lifestyle and his iconic mustache. Dali […]

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Unloved Antiques: Commemorative Whiskey Decanters

The fourth item in this series of “Unloved Antiques”  (previous editions focused on Collector Plates, antique Singer Sewing Machines and vintage Decorator Prints) and is the commemorative whiskey decanter, like the one pictured right, issued by Ezra Brooks distilleries, circa 1973. This particular one, honoring the Veterans of Foreign Wars, was just one of many veteran […]

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Ask A Worthologist Question: Rosenthal Porcelain Horse

Sandra B. bought this porcelain figure at an auction two years ago, but because as she was moving, it was packed away soon after she bought it. She had meant to do a little research on it, but forgot all about until she cleared out the storage locker she rented to contain all of the […]

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Developing a Passion for Collecting Chinese Porcelain

Are you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Arnoldus Wilhelmus Johannes Jacobs—who likes to be called Arno Jacobs (or just Arno). He is a technical laboratory manager at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, who collects European, Japanese and Chinese porcelain. David Pike: Where do you […]

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Collector’s Minute: Christmas Plates

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the tradition and decorations. Precious memories stored away in boxes attics and basements along with the tinsel, ornaments and decoration for the other 49 weeks of the year are pulled out and displayed. Tree ornaments that have been in the family for four generations, paper chains or macaroni-covered Angels […]

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