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Dining with Antiques – Dinner with Salvador Dali (8/2/11)
dali“At the age of 6 I wanted to be a cook,” wrote Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali in his 1942 autobiography. … More >>

Unloved Antiques: Commemorative Whiskey Decanters (5/11/11)
decanterThe fourth item in this series of “Unloved Antiques”  (previous editions focused on Collector Plates, antique Singer Sewing Machines and … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Rosenthal Porcelain Horse (4/18/11)
Model 1524 by KarnerSandra B. bought this porcelain figure at an auction two years ago, but because as she was moving, it was … More >>

Buying and Enjoying Japanese Porcelain & Historic Items; A Collector’s Take (2/18/11)
OAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Andreas “Andy” Aigner, a program manager for … More >>

Developing a Passion for Collecting Chinese Porcelain (1/25/11)
Most emotional piece, Jiaqing M&P plate, gift from a dear friendAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Arnoldus Wilhelmus Johannes Jacobs—who likes to be … More >>

Collector’s Minute: Christmas Plates (12/20/10)
christmasroyalcopenhagenChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the tradition and decorations. Precious memories stored away in boxes attics and basements along … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Dresser-Designed Minton Porcelain Vase (12/7/10)
mintonsgrandpaAnne J. has a piece of porcelain that her grandfather had picked up in England during the Second World War. … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Unmarked Porcelain Puzzles (8/24/10)
parisplate Unmarked 18th- & 19th-century porcelain is a puzzle to everyone, even among dealers and experts. Trying to attribute an … More >>

Love ’Em or Hate ’Em: Thomas Kinkade Christmas Figurines Abound (12/1/09)
Thomas Kinkade’s works are like liver and onions: either you like him or you hate him.I received a note from a collector of Thomas Kinkade figurines who receives a new one every two months, thanks … More >>

Hungary for Herend Classical China? Pristine Porcelain is Nation’s Pride (11/3/09)
A Herend Rothschild large bird teapot, featuring two different bird motifs (there are 12 Rothschild Oiseaux motifs) and scattered butterflies, circa 1915-1930.The Herend Manufactory (as it call itself) has a long and exalted history in Hungary—its country of origin—with its reputation … More >>

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