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You Don’t Have to Get Up Early to Score Great Items at Thrift Store Sales (6/14/12)
The early bird gets the worm, but the bird who sleeps in can find some cool stuff, too. A thrift store … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Delft Charger’s Value is Told by the Mark (4/16/12)
delftchargerBill A. found this decorative wall plate in a box of things he’d inherited from a relative quite a while … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Jardinière’s Value is Told by the Mark (4/4/12)
bretbyjarAndrea S. picked up this jardinière (a ceramic pot or urn) in a thrift store for $65. Other than the … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Roseville Vase (11/28/11)
morninggloryvaseJeff A. found an unusual vase he thinks is Art Nouveau. He recently bought it at an antique store because … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Weller Pottery Umbrella Stand (7/5/11)
weller23Veronica J. spotted this “large vase” in an antique shop whose proprietor was retiring and clearing his stock. The vase … More >>

English Antique Tableware a Popular, Practical Collectible (5/23/11)
Wedgwood Henry Wadsworth Longfellow JugIn the mid-18th century, potters of England’s Staffordshire district began experimenting with new clays, forms, glazes and decorative techniques in … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Staffordshire Pearl Figural Group (2/21/11)
Bull BeatingJessie H. got into a bidding war 10 years ago for a ceramic figurine at an auction. While he ended … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Rookwood Vellum Plaque (12/14/10)
rookwoodsaxVale E. has an unusual piece she inherited four years ago. Not knowing exactly what she had, she engaged “Ask … More >>

Face Jugs: A Uniquely Southern Collectible with a Mysterious Origin (11/2/10)
Lot 58 - 5 gallon face jugBulging, uneven eyes and pointed teeth may not sound like desirable facial attributes, but in the world of face jugs, … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Dutch Delft Tiles (9/27/10)
delfttile_reproWhen Jennifer T. bought a house, she found some ceramic tiles wrapped in Dutch newspapers. Having seen similar tiles in … More >>

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