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Art Nouveau Weller “Baldwin” Series Umbrella Stand (12/26/08)
Weller umbrella stands can still be found in the $200 to $300 range, but the "Baldwin" line piece, such as this one, routinely sells in the $750 to $1,000 range at auction.Every dealer and collector has a soft spot for certain styles and periods of design that is almost a case … More >>

Sarreguemines Vaisselle (11/21/08)
An example of Sarreguemines vases. Sarreguemines Vaisselle By Sherri Hall-Wilcox More >>

Discover The Mark Others Miss on Valuable Pottery and Art Glass (11/19/08)
a425f4ef5e152a00b0981370d47ed2c7If you can’t see a mark on a piece of fine pottery or art glass, that doesn’t mean it isn’t … More >>

Automobilia China Part Two (11/6/08)
Another example of Tourist china by the Roseville Company of Zanesville, Ohio., this one depicting a disabled auto being helped by a rider and horse. Automobilia China Part Two By David Bausch More >>

Automobile China by Royal Doulton (11/4/08)
A china dish from the Motorist Series, designed by John Holdcroft and produced by Royal Doulton of England. Automobile China by Royal Doulton By David Bausch Nothing speaks of the Edwardian era more clearly then the series of china produced by Royal Doulton of England. This china was designed by John Holdcroft, and was known as the Motorist Series. This series was produced in its factory in Burslem England from the years 1903-1913. More >>

Yamaguchi (10/26/08)
I just got back from a three day trip to Yamaguchi in the West of Japan. From my house roughly 8 hours by car with my family. It was the first time I have been there. It is well known for the hot springs that are everywhere. I took the waters and thought of Baden Baden. More >>

Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight (10/14/08)
George Jones majolica pedestal & jardinière, circa 1870 Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight By Sherri Hall-Wilcox More >>

Chinese Export Porcelain’s fascinating journey from early china (10/10/08)
Pair of Chinese Export vases with Mandarin and Famile Rose decoration, circa 18th centuryChinese Export Porcelain’s Fascinating Journey from early china By Lisa Marion of Marks4Antiques More >>

Dating Faience Pottery (10/1/08)
A late 19thC polychrome Faience Plate from the Rouen region of FranceFaience pottery, also known as Fayence in France, is often used as a synonym to Majolica because of their similar appearance and use of tin glaze. Yet, most collectors distinguish Faience pottery by their characteristic polychrome (multi-colored) designs and mostly white background, whereas Majolica tends to have decoration all over along with pronounced raised decorative details (relief). More >>

Aztecs (9/3/08)
the Aztecs I have on question have been in my possession for several years. I found them in an old store that has since closed up. I’ve enjoyed them, scanned them over a thousand times but also know that they are not to stay with me. Like most people, times are hard and needs must be met. More >>

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