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From Public Health Necessity to Collectibility: The History of the Beer Stein (7/9/13)
faience steinWhen the first beer steins were being produced, their future collectibility likely wasn’t being considered by those who produced them. … More >>

Lawn Art: The Oft-Overlooked Value in Estates (6/20/13)
Pink flamingosIn American popular culture, the kitsch surrounding pink flamingo lawn ornaments appears universal. Mention such ornaments and visions of trailer … More >>

Chinese Art, Fine Jewelry Shine at Upcoming Elite Decorative Arts Sale (5/5/13)
White jadeBOYNTON BEACH, Fla.—A large selection of estate jewelry, fine artwork, bronzes, sterling silver and Chinese decorative pieces will cross the … More >>

Red Wing Collectors Converge on Des Moines for Successful MidWinter GetTogether (3/22/13)
7DES MOINES, Iowa – About 300 Red Wing stoneware and pottery collectors got their winter fix by attending the Red … More >>

It’s All In the Marks: Pitchers and Plates (3/21/13)
swaztikajugTo well-seasoned or novice collectors, determining a maker or origin of a piece can be very confusing if it is … More >>

It’s all in the Marks: Smudged or Sloppy Marks Offer Hints toward Fakes (11/5/12)
fakeflowTo collectors, well-seasoned or novice, the subject of determining a maker or origin of a piece can be very confusing … More >>

Unloved Antiques: 20th-Century Wedgwood Jasperware (2/22/12)
lilac kidney shaped boxThe next item in this series of Unloved Antiques is something that can be quite valuable if it’s of the … More >>

Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight (10/14/08)
George Jones majolica pedestal & jardinière, circa 1870 Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight By Sherri Hall-Wilcox More >>

Stoneware Jugs Can Pad Your Pockets (4/2/08)
31 Club member, Cecil, attended a very small flea market in Greenville Kentucky, when a gentleman approached him inquiring about … More >>

Graniteware (10/25/07)
Graniteware is a generic term used to describe enamel coated iron or steel kitchenware. Originating in Germany, the first American … More >>

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