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The Kennedy Half Dollar—A Numismatic Tribute to a Slain President (11/22/13)
1964 Accented Proof Kennedy ObAmazingly, it has been 50 years today. For many of us, it may be difficult to remember where we were, or … More >>

One of Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic Gold Medal to Sell in Online Auction (11/7/13)
Owens podiumOne of the four gold medals won by U.S. sporting great Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics is headed to … More >>

Unloved Antiques: Bronze Commemorative Medals and Coins (11/4/13)
brunoNearly everyone has a bronze commemorative coin or medal kicking about the house. I must have a half dozen or … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Calendar Medals (10/25/13)
georgemedal2Calendar medals are often items of speculation, and they’re frequently though to be one-of-a-kind, rare presentation pieces. But like paper … More >>

Collecting the Royals: Kings, Queens and Pretenders to the Throne (5/15/13)
A greeting or special event card featuring the signature of Queen Beatrix and photo, $150There seems to be a lot of abdicating going around. First, Pope Benedict XVI stepped down as Supreme Pontiff (a … More >>

Use A Coin, Go to Jail: The Monneron Medal of Confidence (4/13/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben11-17-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben Trade tokens tend to be simple affairs that make do for money in times of economic stress. During … More >>

A Tale of Two Noses: Nixon Inaugural Medals (4/11/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben10-20-08_1969obverseBy Gerald Tebben Richard M. Nixon, the only president to resign from office, in disgrace, was many things to many people … More >>

Revolutionary Honors: Medals Mark Struggle for American Independence (4/3/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben01-21-02_ObvBy Gerald Tebben The largely unremembered war began with the George Washington’s surrender and ended essentially with the accession of George … More >>

In Memoriam of McKinley—Medal Honors Third Slain U.S. President (2/6/13)
mckinley obverseBy Gerald Tebben A shocked nation was reeling in 1901. For the third time in 35 years, an assassin had taken … More >>

Collecting Modern Clad Half Dollar Commemoratives Continue Rich Tradition (1/22/13)
199250cobvThe United States commemorative coin program was ushered in with the World’s Columbian Exposition half dollars of 1892 and 1893. … More >>

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