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Use A Coin, Go to Jail: The Monneron Medal of Confidence (4/13/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben11-17-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben Trade tokens tend to be simple affairs that make do for money in times of economic stress. During … More >>

The Best Investment: What’s In Your Wallet? (4/11/13)
silver_quarterAs an appraiser, I often have to answer questions regarding antiques and collectibles as an investment, often being the bearer … More >>

‘Short Snorters’ and Challenge Coins: A Bar Game and a Collectible (4/11/13)
obama challenge coinImagine being behind enemy lines, slowly making your way through hostile territory to join up with your allies. There is … More >>

A Tale of Two Noses: Nixon Inaugural Medals (4/11/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben10-20-08_1969obverseBy Gerald Tebben Richard M. Nixon, the only president to resign from office, in disgrace, was many things to many people … More >>

Revolutionary Honors: Medals Mark Struggle for American Independence (4/3/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben01-21-02_ObvBy Gerald Tebben The largely unremembered war began with the George Washington’s surrender and ended essentially with the accession of George … More >>

Silver Revolutionary Souvenir ‘Peso’ Struck to Back Cuban Liberation (4/1/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben11-16-09_obverseBy Gerald Tebben Can you name a silver piece minted in Philadelphia in 1897 that has the designer’s initial “M” on … More >>

A Link to History: Connect with Saints through Ancient Coins (4/1/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben02-16-09_imageBy Gerald Tebben Saints lived common lives, too. They toiled at their vocations. They ate and slept and engaged in the … More >>

No Respect: What Good was a 3-Cent Piece? (3/28/13)
CWWorthpoint_tebben03-16-09_1851obvBy Gerald Tebben The 3-cent piece. What was it good for? Cheap cigars, postage stamps and deception. Minted in two significantly different … More >>

Special Tokens Issued to Serve as Currency in Culion Leper Colony (3/28/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben10-19-09_obverseBy Gerald Tebben The first 370 settlers, many horribly disfigured, arrived about 4 p.m., May 27, 1906. Six concrete houses and … More >>

Auction Report: 1908 Hunan Government Chinese 100 Coppers Banknote Brings $15,220 (3/22/13)
Lot 129 Hunan Government Bank, 1908 Issue RarityHONG KONG, China – A high-grade Chinese Hunan government banknote for 100 coppers, 1908 issue, hammered for $15,220 after a … More >>

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