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  • Mar 16 2013
  • 16 Mar 2013

A Curious Kind of Money: The Story of Wampum

By Gerald Tebben Decades—maybe centuries—before the Pilgrims landed at New Plimoth in 1620, temporary “mints” lined the shores of Long Island Sound each winter producing […]

  • Mar 12 2013
  • 12 Mar 2013

Pre-War Ethiopian Coins: Lions, Thalers and Birrs, Oh My!

By Gerald Tebben Money in Ethiopia before the First World War was a complicated affair. But bullets, as might be expected, could always be counted […]

  • Mar 6 2013
  • 6 Mar 2013

Mint Reports Offer Insights into More than Coinage

By Gerald Tebben The United States Mint’s production facilities are gigantic factories with metal planchets and planchet-strip materials coming in by the truckload and finished […]

  • Mar 3 2013
  • 3 Mar 2013

Let My Denarius Go: Collector to Free Ancient Coin from Slab

By Gerald Tebben I recently bought a denarius of Vespasian celebrating Rome’s capture of Judea in 70 A.D. It’s one of those coins that spoke […]

  • Mar 2 2013
  • 2 Mar 2013

Tavern Tokens Proliferated in Tumultuous 17th-Century London

By Gerald Tebben When I was in high school more than 40 years ago, English classes consisted of reading short stories, Shakespeare and excerpts from […]

  • Mar 1 2013
  • 1 Mar 2013

Q & A with Harry Rinker: World War Two-Era USO Entertainer-Signed Dollar Bill

QUESTION: I have a bill that my father carried through his World War II service in Africa, Italy and Germany. The bill contains autographs obtained backstage […]

  • Feb 28 2013
  • 28 Feb 2013

Union ‘Greenbacks’ Replace CSA Notes during the Waning Stages of the Civil War

By Gerald Tebben In the spring of 1864, Atlanta stood before Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and quaked. Conquest of the city was a Northern […]

  • Feb 21 2013
  • 21 Feb 2013

Hidden Surprises: Signatures on Old Checks are Part of Lithuanian History

By Gerald Tebben You never know what you’ll find when you walk by Dan Rich’s table at central Ohio coin and currency shows. In and […]

  • Feb 19 2013
  • 19 Feb 2013

Numismatic Mysteries: Three Issues Not Known to Exist

By Gerald Tebben Coin collecting is filled with might-have-beens and what-ifs, but for me, one of the most fascinating parts of the hobby is pieces […]

  • Feb 17 2013
  • 17 Feb 2013

What Not To Do With Coins: A Historical Perspective

By Gerald Tebben Here are some things not to do with coins: Do not put them in your mouth In the late 1990s, the University […]