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Give Peace Dollars a Chance: Finest Known 1923-D Captures $76,375 at Sale (6/14/13)
1932-D MS67 obvAt the conclusion of the First World War it was suggested in many circles that a commemorative coin a “Peace … More >>

If the Tea Party had Its Way, U.S. Coins and Notes Would be Very Different (6/5/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben08-16-10_obverseBy Gerald Tebben What would a Tea Party revolution mean to coin collectors? That’s something I had been thinking about as … More >>

A Double Eagle Treasure: Collection Lanson Champagne Captures Nearly $1 Million (6/3/13)
1 Type I $20 Liberty PCGS MS61Normally when coin collectors think of lost gold treasures, especially when it pertains to the glorious Double Eagle or $20 … More >>

How the Nickel Almost Lost Its Name (5/31/13)
CWWorthpoint_112105By Gerald Tebben The Jefferson 5-cent coin went to war in 1942 and continued serving for the duration. Faced with the … More >>

What’s In a Number? It’s All About the History (5/24/13)
CWWorthpoint_041805_ObvBy Gerald Tebben In U.S. coin collecting, the number 15—in the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield—can’t get no respect. It started … More >>

A Very Good Year for the Nation and Its Coins (5/17/13)
CWWorthpoint_071805_ObvBy Gerald Tebben The year 1776 was a good one for the nation and numismatics. Every coin from the famous year … More >>

The Columbus Mint That Never Was (4/29/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben03-17-08_Shermanface2-1024x663By Gerald Tebben You won’t find any 1877-C gold $10 eagles in any collection, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. … More >>

Elusive Coins: They’re Out There Somewhere (4/28/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben07-21-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben In collecting, the rare but attainable coins, such as the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter dollar (mintage 52,000); ultrarare … More >>

If John Beat George: What Early American Coins May Have Looked Like (4/19/13)
CWworthpoint_Tebben02-18-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben In an alternate universe, our first president, John Adams, placed his own portrait on coins in 1792. President … More >>

The Best Investment: What’s In Your Wallet? (4/11/13)
silver_quarterAs an appraiser, I often have to answer questions regarding antiques and collectibles as an investment, often being the bearer … More >>

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