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Climax of David Fore Collection Sale Bolsters Worldwide Coin Collections (9/30/13)
Tipu Sultan Gold 4-PagodasA room full of enthusiastic bidders found fierce competition from buyers on the Internet and on the phone as they … More >>

ANA World’s Fair of Money Auctions Set Chicago Area on Fire; $75 Million in Sales (8/23/13)
1804 Silver Dollar graded PCGS PR 62  obvCHICAGO – Strength and power describe the ongoing prowess of the rare coin market. The just concluded American Numismatic Association’s … More >>

Collecting the Uncollectible: Items that are Taboo to Some Pique the Interest of Others (7/23/13)
Oswald’s wedding ringAs the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaches, one of the last available possessions associated with … More >>

Triumph of the Human Spirit: Commemorative Coins Honor Mettle of the World’s People (6/16/13)
ISRAEL 1959 5 LIROT obverseBy Gerald Tebben Some coins are tributes—metallic and medallic—to the triumph of the human spirit. Born of adversity, they rise above … More >>

Size Matters: Three of the World’s Biggest Coins (6/4/13)
CWWorthpoint_081505By Gerald Tebben Every now and then money takes on immense proportions. It happened on the South Pacific Island of Yap, … More >>

Collecting the Royals: Kings, Queens and Pretenders to the Throne (5/15/13)
A greeting or special event card featuring the signature of Queen Beatrix and photo, $150There seems to be a lot of abdicating going around. First, Pope Benedict XVI stepped down as Supreme Pontiff (a … More >>

Pontefract Coins: Born in the Blood of Battle (4/23/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben04-21-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben The reign of England’s Charles I ended as with the strong swing of a sharp axe on Jan. … More >>

Furor Over a Florin: Great Britain’s ‘Godless’ Coin (4/14/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben12-15-08_obverseBy Gerald Tebben As cholera swept England in 1849, attention fell on the country’s new coin. A godless coin. A coin … More >>

The Best Investment: What’s In Your Wallet? (4/11/13)
silver_quarterAs an appraiser, I often have to answer questions regarding antiques and collectibles as an investment, often being the bearer … More >>

Revolutionary Honors: Medals Mark Struggle for American Independence (4/3/13)
CWWorthpoint_Tebben01-21-02_ObvBy Gerald Tebben The largely unremembered war began with the George Washington’s surrender and ended essentially with the accession of George … More >>

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