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8-Year-Old WorthPoint Fan Gives Antique Valuations at the Topanga Vintage Market (4/14/14)
connorATLANTA – 8-year-old Connor McCrory, known as “America’s Youngest Picker,” will be giving free antiques and collectibles valuations using the … More >>

Five Appraisal Options for First-Time Estate Executors (5/1/13)
ArtworkMy friend Stan showed me the inventory that he’d just completed for his uncle’s estate. He was proud of his … More >>

‘Great Find’ Article Generates Reader Comments (8/21/09)
ask-a-worthologist3We’ve had a lively discussion following the publication of an article about Will Seippel, WorthPoint’s founder and CEO, and how … More >>

Rinker on Antiques: What Do Our Customers Want? (5/26/09)
harry-rinkerOn May 12, I attended Western Connecticut State University’s Macricostas Entrepreneur lecture entitled “Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in Today’s Challenging … More >>

What’s on Your Mind? (5/6/09)
aawroughrevised1No man is an island (thank you, John Donne), and neither is a collector. To get the most out of … More >>

Point of View on WorthPoint (2/19/09)
saint-gaudensdoubleeagleobvQuestion: Do you consider investing in art, antiques or collectibles an alternative to the stock market? Would you share your … More >>

What Makes a Hobby Board Game Valuable? (2/11/09)
DuneMany board games found in antiques shops and other secondhand retailers may not be as valuable as some might hope. … More >>

NBA All-Star Collectible Slam Dunks (2/6/09)
On Feb. 15, the greatest players in basketball will come together in Phoenix for a display of slam dunks, alley-oops … More >>

Licensed Board Games: Junk or Jewels? (2/4/09)
Pac-ManBy Michael Barnes What is a licensed board game? Chances are you’ve seen plenty and probably played several in your time. … More >>

Great Finds: Just a Knock Away (2/3/09)
Rev. and Mrs. MacFarlanThere is a certain cachet applied to the antiques-and-collectibles world that sometimes mystifies even me. Some folks believe that people … More >>

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