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18 Things Worth Knowing about the Business of Antiques and Collectibles (7/22/08)
In case you didn’t know: * There are more than 41,500 antiques shops/dealers in the U.S.A.. according to the “2008 Business Reference Guide.” * Many antique shops have sold for 20% of annual sales plus inventory at cost. This is a rule of thumb and not applicable to all antiques shops. * Most antiques shops are started by collectors. More >>

Art and Antiques Auctions—A Brief History (7/20/08)
While art has been around since the dawn of humankind, buying and selling art and antiques at auctions is a phenomenon only a few centuries old. More >>

Thurman Munson, a Yankees Legend Remembered (7/16/08)
I’m just back from the DHL All-Star FanFest in New York City where I spent a day with cameraman Matt Kohn shooting video about antiques and collectibles for the WorthPoint site. Besides baseball, my other passion is collecting, buying and selling antiques and collectibles. I love the excitement of a live auction, and as a baseball diehard, the FanFest was a match made in heaven. More >>

Yankee Stadium Swan Song Great for Collectibles (7/16/08)
Yankee Stadium will bid baseball fans farewell by hosting at least one last spectacle—the 2008 All-Star Game. Slated for July 15, the star-filled contest includes a popular fan festival featuring a slew of collectibles ranging from high-priced autographed items dating back decades to more modern memorabilia. More >>

Becoming an Auction Aficionado (7/15/08)
Whether you are just starting an antiques and collectibles collection, adding to an existing collection or the veteran, die-hard bargain hunter, auctions are the perfect venue. The Neophyte, The Uninitiated, Baptism by Total Immersion More >>

You Can’t Take It With You (7/11/08)
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Six, even seven days a week, Chris Lucero waits at the door of his South Broadway collectibles shop surrounded by vintage fishing lures, miles from the nearest mountain stream. Waiting for customers. Waiting for dialysis. Waiting for the day—perhaps soon—when his body won’t allow him to wait any longer. More >>

Thom Pattie and the art of the auction (7/10/08)
Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie started out as a utility-company linesman stringing cable and putting up transformers—clearly a long way, figuratively and literally, from the antiques and collectibles business. More >>

Thom Pattie and the Art of the Auction (7/10/08)
Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie started out as a utility company linesman stringing cable and putting up transformers – clearly a long way and high up from the antiques and collectibles business. More >>

Antiques Shops Make More Money “Buying Right” (7/5/08)
Many years past, I learned an important lesson that applies to most, if not all, businesses, antiques and collectibles shops included. The president of a local meat-packing company and I were reviewing the company’s financial statements and one-year outlook. More >>

An Eye for Designing with Antiques and Collectibles (7/3/08)
Editor’s Note: Are your antiques and collectibles trapped in seclusion or piled up in the corner like junk mail? If you need help displaying your collection, send us your questions, and let our Worthologist, Christopher Kent, help resolve the problem. Scale, Balance and Placement of Your Antiques and Collectibles More >>

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