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Antiques shops make more money “buying right” (7/3/08)
Many years past, I learned an important lesson that applies to most, if not all, businesses, antiques and collectibles shops included. The president of local meat-packing company and I were reviewing the company’s financial statements and one-year outlook. This was an intense meeting as competition was fierce and the company’s survival depended on the decisions made and business model chosen. More >>

Yankee Stadium Swan Song Great for Collectibles (7/2/08)
New StadiumYankee Stadium will bid baseball fans farewell by hosting at least one last spectacle—the 2008 All-Star Game. More >>

Confessions of an Eclectic Collector (6/22/08)
Very old, brown clay, two handled potWhen asked, “What antiques do you collect?” I usually reply, “I am an eclectic collector.” Instead of limiting myself to one area, I study multiple but distinct categories of art and antiques. I’ve always thought that limiting your scope, as a collector, is depriving yourself of the beauty and histories of the hundreds of primitive, medieval and even modern cultures of our civilization. More >>

Collecting Can Be Wise Investing (6/20/08)
Dollars & Sense Over the years I have met many folks who collect antiques, fine art and collectibles. They talk about their acquisitions enthusiastically and devote their free time to them. It’s obvious that they collect for pleasure and curiosity – not because they are looking to make money. Over time they make some wise and interesting choices, and then a funny thing happens. That stamp collection More >>

Maintain the Value of Your Art, Antiques, Or Collectibles Business (6/14/08)
Can you sell your art, antiques, or collectibles business while competing with the multitude of other small businesses also being … More >>

SUVs – A Tax Benefit for Collectors (5/30/08)
Did you know that large sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are classified as trucks and subject to truck safety requirements? For income tax purposes, they do not qualify as passenger vehicles and are exempt from the luxury-auto dollar caps. More >>

Graduation: IKEA, Antiques & Hand-me-downs (5/27/08)
May is the month for college graduations and thousands of young people will be setting up households of their own across the country. If you are a student, you may not realize it, but it can be cheaper in the long run to buy quality antiques than it is to by less expensive furniture. Why? More >>

San Diego’s Indy 500 Collectibles (5/24/08)
Preorder The Danica Patrick Twin Ring Motegi Where there is a sport, there are fans, collectors and museums. Tomorrow the world’s greatest racecar drivers will compete hoping to win the Indianapolis 500. In San Diego (two thousand miles from Indianapolis) a passion for everything about automobiles permeates the San Diego Automotive Museum. More >>

Dan And the WorthPoint Van (5/16/08)
Back of the WorthPoint van At WorthPoint, we call Dan Borsey “The Traveling Man” because he’s on the road more than he is anywhere else. Dan and the new WorthPoint van will be traveling to antique shows up and down the East Coast until November, beginning with the Brimfield Antiques Festival in Massachusetts. More >>

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