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A Very Brief History of Toys (4/28/08)
Toys have been around since the dawn of mankind. No doubt after the invention of the wheel, there was a kid demanding a miniature version. More >>

Queen of Barbies: Meet Melissa Musselman (4/25/08)
When the Durham National Heritage Museum hosted a successful exhibition of Barbie collectibles in 2001, Melissa Musselman decided to take it to the next level. She tried to organize a national touring exhibition of the collectibles, which included the best items from 30 top Barbie experts. More >>

Zhuang Embroidery Balls (4/24/08)
Embroidery BallsIn China’s southwest province of Guangxi, the Zhuang nationality comprises the largest ethnic minority with about 14 million people. I was fortunate to meet types of people from this ancient tribe – men and women and little babies – while touring the region. Wherever I found examples of Zhuang collectibles, the one that struck me as particularly unusual was the embroidered ball. More >>

Back in the Days… (4/1/08)
Visible gravity pumpPull into any gas station these days and most people swipe their credit card, grumble about the price per gallon, fill-up and drive off or pop into the attached market and pick up snacks and groceries. With the price of gasoline soaring, it’s interesting that what’s called “Petroliana” or collecting oil and gas memorabilia from the 1920′s to the 1950′s is growing. More >>

A Boomer Collectible: The Lunch Box (3/27/08)
Collectible plaid lunch boxWalk into any public school cafeteria today and you’ll find salad bars with fresh greens and veggies and at least a half dozen choices for mid-day meals and snacks. Back when baby boomers were attending school, you were lucky to find one choice for a hot lunch, usually the same offering on the same day each week. More >>

Long Lost Barbie (3/18/08)
I was a tomboy growing up and as far as I can remember didn’t play with any dolls except for one brand. Barbie! Climbing walls and pushing supermarket carts down the long corridor adjacent to our apartment building held more thrills than playing house. Maybe that had to do with the fact that our house wasn’t the ideal of what a nice family of the 1960′s ought to be. My parents were hippies! More >>

Worthology works both ways, by Jim Sturgill (3/8/08)
It’s every collector’s dream: Rediscovering something in the attic that will fetch a year’s salary, or learning that the … More >>

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