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Data—Your New Best Friend (1/16/09)
If you think data is boring or just for geeks, think again. There’s power in data. If you like to … More >>

Warlick Ready for ‘Obamabilia’ Madness (1/15/09)
Crystal paperweight with 2009 inaugural sealBefore the election in 2008, WorthPoint Worthologist and presidential memorabilia expert Jim Warlick’s Button Poll predicted that Barack Obama would … More >>

How Much Is That Game in the Window? (1/14/09)
3M edition of AcquireThe first thing I look for when I stroll up someone’s driveway to a yard sale or as I’m rummaging … More >>

Learn, Then Buy What Calls You (1/13/09)
I just attended a major antiques-and-collectibles show and saw some really gorgeous stuff. I had money, wanted to buy something … More >>

Interest in, Value of King Memorabilia Rise (1/13/09)
Syl TurnerThis month’s significance will be indelibly etched in American history with Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20 as the nation’s … More >>

Turnipseed Reaps Diverse Collecting Crop (1/12/09)
Examples of BakeliteIt started with a cardboard box at a garage sale purchased for $1. In the box was a plastic jewelry … More >>

Top Obama Inaugural Collectibles (1/9/09)
New York Post day after electionSuperstar Will Smith got teary. Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily’s List called it “a proud moment in our nation’s history.” Great Britain’s … More >>

Great Finds amid Cow Pies (1/6/09)
An example of a Utamaro beautyBy Christopher Kent The great hue and cry these days from longtime dealers is that they cannot find their antiques, collectibles … More >>

Wilcoxes: From dump diving to appraising (1/6/09)
Mike and Sherry Wilcox forged their future climbing the fence of a rural Ontario dump. It was the second date for … More >>

Collecting Winning Football Coaches (1/6/09)
There’s always talk and hype about great football players and their collectibles. Not so much about the sport’s great coaches. … More >>

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