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Hot Wheels’ Goodwill Ambassador (1/6/09)
Bruce Pascal poses with orange Ferrari P917 Hot Wheels and prototype Hot Wheel moldsAt first glance, Bruce Pascal looks exactly like what he is: a respectable middle-aged commercial real-estate agent with a wife … More >>

On-line Marketplace Predictions (1/2/09)
By AuctionWally OK, you knew they were coming, most people post their prediction list on New Year’s Eve; I … More >>

Lt. Reichard’s World War II Diary (1/1/09)
Lt. ReichardTom Brokaw called them The Greatest Generation—and they were. They lived through the greatest changes a generation has ever seen, … More >>

‘Indiana’ Morgan: Hunting for Antiquities (12/30/08)
As a boy, when Indiana farmers did their spring plowing, Rob Morgan would do some harvesting—his crop, Indian arrow points, … More >>

A ‘Tangible’ Time to Invest? (12/29/08)
I want to put some of my money into tangible assets such as coins or jewelry. What is the best … More >>

What’s in Your Closet? (12/23/08)
Real Christmas TreeWith Christmas just days away, I thought it expedient to throw open the large door of the closet just off … More >>

Score TDs with QBs’ Memorabilia (12/23/08)
Throughout its illustrious history, the NFL has brought fans some exciting superstar quarterbacks. I’ve already devoted articles to a few … More >>

Five Resolutions That Can Improve Business (12/22/08)
I think we all make New Year’s resolutions in some manner. Some being to join a gym (note that’s join, … More >>

If Business Is Slow, Get Moving (12/22/08)
A friend has an antiques shop that does not attract a lot of foot traffic. As a result of the … More >>

Hot Wheels—Still Blazing at 40 (12/22/08)
logoMattel’s Hot Wheels, the ultimate stocking stuffer, turned 40 this year and is still the king of die-cast collectibles, with … More >>

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