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Has the Glass Bubble Burst? (12/19/08)
Sachems BottleWhile not exactly Indiana Jones pursuing the ark of the covenant, Bill Lindsey—Worthpoint’s expert on antique and collectibles bottles—managed to … More >>

Great Finds—The Path of the Fauteuils (12/16/08)
In the days before this recession, I was asked to locate a pair of 18th-century fauteuil for a client who … More >>

Antiquities Trade and the Responsible Collector (12/16/08)
A looted pre-Columbian cemetery in PeruThe trade in New World antiquities today is as robust as it has ever been, thanks in part to—what until … More >>

Vintage Watches: Art Meets Technology (12/15/08)
A Coca-Cola vending machine on the fritz, a misfiring auto engine and an 18th-century pocket watch in need of restoration … More >>

Sports Dealers: Turn Maelstrom to Money (12/15/08)
It seems you can’t go five minutes without hearing the doom-and-gloom talk about our economy. Companies are going out of … More >>

The Truth Is Out There: X-Files Collectibles (12/12/08)
McFarlane Toys’ Scully, Mulder & Attack Alien figuresWith the recent release of “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” theatrical movie on DVD, there is renewed interest in … More >>

Verdict Puts Squeeze on O.J. Collectibles (12/11/08)
Editor’s Note: Has the market for O.J. Simpson collectibles disappeared since his recent conviction on 12 felony counts? Or will there always be interest in this fallen sports hero? More >>

Olsen’s Campaign Pins Are on the Button (12/8/08)
During the 1992 presidential race, John Olsen—a WorthPoint expert on political-button antiques and collectibles—consistently beat Bill Clinton across the country. More >>

Lladró Conducts Historic Auction (12/8/08)
Editor’s Note: Lladró porcelain sculptures are prized and coveted collectibles. Fourteen exquisite pieces are being offered in an online auction. More >>

Peerless Time Machines (12/3/08)
Editor’s Note: Clocks are an important antiques and collectibles category. Mark Peer, a WorthPoint Worthologist, specializes in this great technological invention that can also be beautiful works of art. More >>

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