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Mining for Book Treasures (11/13/08)
Why amass book collectibles? What drives some of us to fill our homes from floor to ceiling with books, to haunt bookshops, book fairs and auctions to acquire more and then cast forth again to seek yet more? Well, mainly, many of us who collect do so because we love books, and we like to have them around us within easy reach. More >>

Gift Annuity: You Give, Then Receive (11/11/08)
Editor’s Note: CPA Jim Sturgill always gives sound advice to antiques-and-collectibles dealers and collectors. Here he suggests a win-win way for anyone to make charitable contributions in this down economy. More >>

Selling: Consider Layaway (11/9/08)
Editor’s Note: With the economic situation going from bad to worse, Harry Rinker offers antiques and collectibles dealers some sound advice on how to successfully use layaways. More >>

Andy Bernstein: License to Collect (11/8/08)
A few years ago, Andy Bernstein, WorthPoint’s expert on the growing and increasingly complex market for antique and collectibles license plates, made a trip to France and packed 400 automobile license plates in his suitcase. “I was able to pay for the trip with those license plates,” said Bernstein. More >>

What’s It Worth Survival Guide (11/6/08)
In these difficult economic times, more and more Americans are turning to consignment sites, yard sales and pawnbrokers to sell … More >>

Stoking Interest in Antique Stove (11/5/08)
Editor’s Note: While WorthPoint strives to help you get the most from your art, antiques and collectibles, it also strives to give back to communities by offering advice and expertise. Christopher Kent relates one such attempt. More >>

Simple Ways to Save Money (11/4/08)
I visited a family of antiques dealers this morning at their store in a nearby strip mall. I commented that the store was cold, which resulted in the owner telling me how bad the gas furnace was. Noting that all the ductwork was in the ceiling, I suggested that the ducts may be leaking and heating the area above the ceiling tiles. More >>

An Archaeologist Who Digs Beads (10/28/08)
Editor’s Note: Dolores Elliott’s background may be in archaeology, but her lifelong love is Iroquois-beadwork antiques and collectibles. More >>

Pilchuck Glass in Online Auction (10/28/08)
Editor’s Note: You won’t have to leave the comforts of home to buy extraordinary glass collectibles. Just bid online at the Pilchuck Glass School auction. More >>

The Man Who Loves Typewriters (10/22/08)
Editor’s Note: You never know where or when the antiques and collectibles bug will grab you. In the case of … More >>

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