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Halloween and Horror Movie Imagery at the English Cinema

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s that time of the year when we sit back, turn off the lights and scare ourselves silly with a good horror movie. Horror’s success as a genre is mirrored in the collecting interest in horror movie posters. As examples, an original poster for “Bride of Frankenstein” (1935) sold for $334,500 […]

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Tumblin Collection of ‘Gone With the Wind’ Screen-Worn Costumes, Art & Props to Cross Block

DALLAS – The iconic blue-gray cotton dress worn by Vivian Leigh in her Academy-Award-winning role as Scarlett O’Hara is expected to sell for $100,000 or more as the James Tumblin Collection of screen-used costumes, props and behind-the-scene rarities from MGM’s 1939 classic “Gone With the Wind” crosses the block at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills […]

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Monstrous ‘Frankenstein’ Three-Sheet Poster could bring $100,000 at Heritage Auctions

DALLAS – A monstrously-sized Style C three-sheet movie poster for “Frankenstein”—the only copy known to exist—lurches ahead of the rest of lots in the upcoming Heritage Auctions’ Movie Poster Signature Auction, scheduled for March 28 and 29. The hulking poster from the 1931 Universal release is expected to top $100,000. “Only a small handful of […]

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Christmas Movie Posters: A Yuletide Collectible Category

By Mike Bloomfield Some of our strongest memories of Christmas involve movies, either those that evoke the very ethos of Christmas or others which have a Christmas like theme. Often, the movies we associate with Christmas can be very personal. Posters for Christmas movies vary in collectability and in the genre in which they are […]

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Only Known U.S. Poster for Lon Chaney’s ‘London After Midnight’ Could Bring $50,000

DALLAS – The only known copy of the U.S. release one sheet from the 1927 lost cinema classic “London After Midnight”—one of the “holy grails” of early cinema—may bring $50,000 or more at Heritage Auctions’ Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction, slated for Nov. 22-23. The rare poster highlights a large and important collection of paper […]

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Sword and Staff from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Film to be sold at Bonhams

In news that will have fans of Middle Earth all a-twitter from Mordor to the Shire, two of the most powerful and magical weapons feature in Peter Jackson’s Academy Award winning “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy—the wizard Saruman the White’s staff and the sword wielded by Aragorn, Ranger of the North—are to be offered […]

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Auction of Christopher Reeve’s ‘Superman III’ Costume Could Soar to Incredible Heights

Back in 1972, folk singer Jim Croce warned us not to “pull on Superman’s cape”—he went on to mention something about not spitting into the wind, pulling the mask off the Lone Ranger and some guy named Jim, but it would seem—but this July, one lucky bidder will not only get a chance to give […]

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Looking to Sell Your Hollywood Collectibles? Then we’ve got an Auction for You

Last year’s Bonhams and Turner Classic Movies’ “What Dreams are Made of”auction drew more than 700 bidders who bought a wide array of movie memorabilia led by the more than $4 million paid for the authentic Maltese Falcon statuette used in the classic John Huston/Humphrey Bogart film. This year, more than 1,000 are expected to register for […]

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Sex Sells, but is it Collectable? Russ Meyer Movie Posters Are

Like it or not, sex sells! Unsurprisingly, sex figures prominently in popular culture through history. Early movies were quick to capitalize on sex, although the introduction of the Hays Code in 1930 and the resulting strict censorship kept things fairly buttoned up for nearly four decades. The more laissez-faire attitudes following the Second World War, […]

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An Open Love Letter to that Big, Green, City-Smashing Hunk, Godzilla

I remember it like it was yesterday. Flashback with me to Christmas, 1979. Every Christmas there are toys that dominate the shopping season, but this one was different. Every Christmas morning my family would have breakfast at my Uncle Ken and Aunt Sally’s house and then it was time to tear into presents. I can’t […]

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