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Vintage Accordions Making the Migration from Attics to Auction Block (10/1/12)
Piano accordion photo 2American soldiers left for the Second World War with the sounds of American popular music ringing in their ears. City … More >>

Finding the Circus in Non-Circus Books (9/11/12)
ElephantsBooks about the circus are an important addition to any circus collection. One of my previous WorthPoint articles focused on … More >>

Antique Reed Organs Valued as much for Beautifully Styled Cabinetry as for Music (9/5/12)
Photo 1 reed organ EastlakeFor some, the ideal vacation is lying on a beach soaking up rays while enjoying a good book. For others, … More >>

Celebrity Collector: Beatles Collection Makes Scott Buckwald Glad All Over (9/4/12)
2941_65605231589_7324155_nI’m often called in to help decorate a home or business, incorporating a splash of retro to make things interesting. … More >>

Looking for a Heads-Up on Collectible Bobble Head Values (9/4/12)
Bobblehead Mickey Mantle 1960sIt’s time to give the nod to bobble heads, those seemingly ubiquitous kinetic dolls, as a growing category of collectibles … More >>

How to Tell if that Gibson Les Paul Guitar is Real or a Counterfeit (8/6/12)
Les Paul cutaway photo 1Jimi Hendrix owned one; so did Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. The Gibson Les Paul guitar, in continuous … More >>

Evaluating an Antique American Upright Piano – Finding a Diamond in the Rough (7/23/12)
steinway uprightOld pianos are everywhere: in homes, institutions, churches and schools. Many of them are junk, but a fair number of … More >>

Telling an Angel from a Wolf: Evaluating Antique Violins (6/27/12)
StradivariusFirst created in Italy in 1555, the modern four-string bowed violin is arguably the world’s oldest continuously used musical instrument. … More >>

Treasure Trove of Circus Tomes & Ephemera Found at Florida Antiquarian Book Fair (4/2/12)
Book Fair View 2012Each March, a virtual goldmine lures book collectors and dealers from all over the U.S. and beyond. It’s the three-day … More >>

Canadian Pickers Unpack the Mystery of the Bell from the ‘Train that Killed Jumbo’ (3/21/12)
cozens and sheldon aAs an appraiser and long-term antique addict, I love the fact we now have so many television shows that feature … More >>

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