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Elephants’ Hidden Artistic Talents: Paintings Created By Elephants (11/8/10)
when elephants paintHave you ever seen an elephant painting? No, not a painting of an elephant. There are scores of those. … More >>

A Circus Isn’t a Circus Unless It Has a Band: Collecting Circus Music (10/26/10)
museum calliope“A circus isn’t a circus unless it has a band.” So said Merle Evans in his biography written by Gene … More >>

Magazines with An Emphasis On Circus Are Inexpensive Collectibles (10/5/10)
1970swhitetops Magazines often publish circus stories, along with colorful photos and graphics. In a previous article I wrote for WorthPoint … More >>

Circus Collectibles Delivered by Mail: Circus Letterhead (9/28/10)
Barnum museumA hand-penned or typed letter from a circus is like receiving a work of art in the mail. Circus owners … More >>

Elephants—the Wonder of the Circus—Make for Specialized Collectible Category (9/7/10)
jumbophotoHere come the elephants! Surveys of the circus-going public consistently rate the elephant as their favorite act. In fact, in … More >>

The Truth Behind the Famous yet Bogus ‘Ringling Brothers’ Mustache Cups’ (8/30/10)
cupsphoto“There are a thousand and one stories under the big top . . .” The above is a phrase oft repeated … More >>

Clowns — The Hearts of the Circus Make Great Collectible Category (8/16/10)
louposterSend in the clowns—and the elephants! When we go to a traditional American circus, we expect to see both, and … More >>

Roy Rogers’ Auction is Truly the Last Roundup for Movie, Early TV Cowboys (8/2/10)
roy and dale 2“I’m heading for the last roundup Gonna saddle old Paint for the last time and ride So long, old pal. It’s time … More >>

Searching for the Origin of the Astley Circus Engravings (7/27/10)
Astley Exterior PrintOnce again, I was caught up in the hunt and loved every minute! In 1976, our bicentennial year, I was … More >>

Marx Brother Movie Helps Solve Circus Badge Mystery (7/10/10)
Circus owner Jeff Wilson, played by Kenny Baker, points to his employee badge when talking with Chico Marx.  A serious circus collector always keeps his eyes open to discover new and useful information. It can be found in … More >>

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