• 19 Oct

Haunting Photographic Images of Early Halloween Costumes are Desired Collectibles

Halloween’s roots arguably date back thousands of years to Celtic harvest traditions. But the celebration in the form we know it today has a much more recent history. In the United States, Halloween parties as social events started in the 1880s and 1890s. And although masquerade balls had always been popular, costumes were not worn […]

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  • 18 Mar

Presentation Sword, Dinosaur Nest with Seven Eggs Power Philip Weiss Auctions’ Sale

LYNBROOK, N.Y. – A rare and historic British presentation sword and scabbard from 1813 soared to $27,060 and a 75-million-year-old dinosaur egg nest with seven eggs sold for $17,915 at a 600-lot estate sale held Feb. 26 by Philip Weiss Auctions. The sale grossed $250,000. It was an eclectic auction, one that featured rock ’n’ […]

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  • 16 Dec

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Michael Lauck and the Magic of Collecting Magic

On this week’s Antiques Auction Forum podcast, Martin Willis speaks with Michael Lauck about the history of magicians, including women in the field, Houdini, collecting ephemera, posters, props and more. This is a fascinating interview with a specialist that really knows his topic. Check out a blog post Michael wrote for the forum and also […]

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  • 1 Mar

Q & A with Harry Rinker: World War Two-Era USO Entertainer-Signed Dollar Bill

QUESTION: I have a bill that my father carried through his World War II service in Africa, Italy and Germany. The bill contains autographs obtained backstage from members of U.S.O. touring groups. Signatures include Louise Allbritton, June Allyson, Mary Brian, Eddie Cantor, Harry James, George Raft, Dinah Shore, and one name I cannot make out. The […]

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  • 18 Feb

You Like Me, You Really Like Me: Collecting Oscar and the Other Big Awards

“And the award goes to…” This is always a great opening line for articles like this, when the Oscar (for film), the Emmy (for television) the Grammy (for music) and the Tony (for the theatre) are presented to the—sometimes—surprised winner. So many people collect these awards because of their interest in these specialized arts honors. […]

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  • 25 May

The Collector’s Minute: Revivals and the Value of Collectibles

In the collectibles business, you’ll often hear the mantra, “Everything old is new again,” particularly when there has been revival of a famous book into a movie or miniseries on TV. Manufacturers are quick to take advantage of this phenomenon and churn out products that depict characters from the story on everything. So much to […]

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  • 24 Sep

Isadora Duncan 1927 & Isadora Duncan 1977

Isadora Duncan, considered the mother of modern dance, was Born in San Francisco California on September 14, 1877. Her father was a California senator Thomas Gray. Her mother left Thomas due to public scandal and moved to Oakland, California with her mother & two sisters. Isadora’s mother worked as a music teacher and piano player. […]

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