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Daryle Lambert Blog: Paintings of the Great Outdoors Can Have Great Value (3/13/08)
Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog: Today’s Photo: Lynn Bogue Hunt, “Blue-Fin Tuna” sold for $126,000 at Copley Fine Art Auction. More >>

Audubon Reproductions Have Collectors Crying Fowl (3/1/08)
The name John James Audubon is practically synonymous with nature illustration. Wes Cowan looks at how widely reproduced Audubon works … More >>

Roldán Subastas de Arte – Auction House (2/27/08)
Ripamonte, 1933Roldán is a fine arts and antiques auction house located in the most exclusive art gallery district of Buenos Aires. More >>

Presidential Portraits (2/22/08)
President Bill Clinton, c. 1993My son’s school is celebrating President’s Month and before the month has ended I would celebrate by showing some presidential engravings or photos in my collection. An early George Washington, our first president, steel engraving by G. R. Hall with his signature and official items, including a nice thirteen star flag in the background, dated 1856. More >>

Kaiting painting (1/30/08)
D. Kaiting landscapeI am interested in information about D. Kaiting, artist of a painting I purchased at an auction. It is an oil painting of a landscape, 2′ x 3′ in a gold frame. I’d like to know about the artist. More >>

WorthPoint Partners With Shannon’s Auction House (1/27/08)
Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers join WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors. More >>

Modern Urban-Expressionism : The Art of Marcus Antonius Jansen (1/27/08)
New York born Marcus Jansen offers selections from his current body of work at International Los Angeles Art Traide Fair at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica with his exclusive representation Museum Works Gallery Aspen – New York – Miami this week. BIG Arts Phillips Gallery will also host an exhibition between February 2 – March 1. 2008. More >>

Hometown Art Not So Out Of Reach (1/19/08)
Most Cincinnatians with even a modest interest in the city’s artistic heritage are familiar with the major 19th and 20th … More >>

Emerging Artists: Focus on the Streets of Europe (1/9/08)
Collecting art is an investment in taste. Knowing what artist may produce works that become a valued investment is no easy task. When an artist is consistently shown in esteemed galleries, when s/he’s commissioned by brands to design for their products, and when an artist publishes well received coffee table books – these are the signs of an emerging talent in the art world. More >>

All Kinds of Smoke Can Be Hazardous to Art and Antiques (6/27/07)
A smoke-damaged painting.Smoke is, in essence, energy that does not burn completely during a fire. Combustion occurs, giving off heat, light, carbon … More >>

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