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  • Sep 2 2009
  • 2 Sep 2009

Simple Tips Can Help You Salvage Keepsakes After a Fire

A fire can have devastating effects for anyone. Now, imagine your collection of art, antiques or collectibles suffering through a fire. A horrible thought. While […]

  • Jul 28 2009
  • 28 Jul 2009

Bugs with an Eye for Art: Insects Can Destroy Art and Antique Treasures

I have had customers come to me with oil painting on which they recently noticed small holes developing near the edges of the canvas and […]

  • Jul 13 2009
  • 13 Jul 2009

Reversing the Effects of Time: What to do with Damaged Art and Antiques

Q – I have several old oil paintings that have been in my family for years. They have become discolored and the paint is beginning […]

  • Oct 1 2008
  • 1 Oct 2008

Ernest Montaut: A Collectible Automobilia Artist

Not too many years ago the automobile was considered the work of madmen, determined to corrupt the morals of our society, not to mention upset the enterprise of the blacksmith, the horse breeder and the harness maker. (They weren’t far from the truth.) It is difficult for the current generation to understand how the automobile caught the world’s imagination.

  • Sep 9 2008
  • 9 Sep 2008

Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914)

Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914) was born to aristocratic parents who emigrated from France to

  • Sep 8 2008
  • 8 Sep 2008

Illustrator: Aubrey Vincent Beardsley 1872-1898

Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was born in Brighton on 21 August 1872 and early showed artistic ability, acting and playing in concerts with his sister Mabel […]

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Spelter, The Great Pretender

Spelter figurines and busts of this type were produced in great numbers during the late 19th Century, most were based on Greek and Roman Classical works or originals of famous 19th Century sculptors. The spelter examples were made as an inexpensive option to the expensive bronze examples produced by noted artists such as Frederic Remington, Auguste Rodin, P.J. Mene and A.L.

  • Aug 23 2008
  • 23 Aug 2008

Clean Oil Paintings


  • Aug 5 2008
  • 5 Aug 2008

Offered for the first time in years an original Antoine-Louis Barye monument

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been contracted to sell one of the most important bronze collectibles to come on the market in quite some time. It’s an original work by French Romantic Artist Antoine-Louis Barye (1796–1875), the foremost animal sculptor or animalier of the 19th century.

  • Jul 18 2008
  • 18 Jul 2008

Rosa Parks’ hats, James Brown’s curlers, a Nelson Mandela stamp and buying art on cruise ships

The antiques, collectibles and art news swung from singer James Brown’s hair curlers, a stamp honoring freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, civil-rights heroine Rosa Parks’ hats to the last in a series of U.S. coins saluting the judiciary and a warning about buying art on cruise ships.

Collectibles from the civil-rights pillar who would not move