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Presidential Portraits

My son’s school is celebrating President’s Month and before the month has ended I would celebrate by showing some presidential engravings or photos in my collection.

An early George Washington, our first president, steel engraving by G. R. Hall with his signature and official items, including a nice thirteen star flag in the background, dated 1856.

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Emerging Artists: Focus on the Streets of Europe

Collecting art is an investment in taste. Knowing what artist may produce works that become a valued investment is no easy task. When an artist is consistently shown in esteemed galleries, when s/he’s commissioned by brands to design for their products, and when an artist publishes well received coffee table books – these are the signs of an emerging talent in the art world.

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All Kinds of Smoke Can Be Hazardous to Art and Antiques

Smoke is, in essence, energy that does not burn completely during a fire. Combustion occurs, giving off heat, light, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Smoke is made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon and other materials. It contains gases that form tiny particles known as PM10 (which means “Particulate Matter less than […]

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Silver, Regional Paintings and Weathervanes Top 2007 Antique Predictions

With 2007 barely underway, it’s time to make my annual predictions for the antique and collectibles market. The short version is that you can expect sterling and coin silver hollowware, regional American paintings, and figural weathervanes to go up in value while cut glass and European china will experience a downturn. Of course, I don’t […]

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