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Auction Report: Freeman’s Paintings and Prints Sale

With more than 300 lots in the Feb. 13 paintings and print sale, Freeman’s presents a collection that covers American, Asian, European and South American artists and works of art. The collection is safe with a few heavy hitters that have name appeal and great collectibility. Lot 27 and 28, two companion works by Erté […]

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Properly Framing your documents, prints and maps

Properly Framing Your Documents, Prints and Maps

By Rick Badwey

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Maxfield Parrish is the most reproduced American artist : by Erin C. Kruml

Maxfield Parrish is the most reproduced American artist and his works remain highly desirable on the collecting market. Though Parrish was a private man, his art is known throughout the world. From his estate, The Oaks, in New Hampshire he created hundreds of illustrations in magazines, advertisements, and children’s books. He is often referred to […]

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Audubon Reproductions Have Collectors Crying Fowl

The name John James Audubon is practically synonymous with nature illustration. Wes Cowan looks at how widely reproduced Audubon works affect the market. Editor Some consider one-time Cincinnati resident John James Audubon’s greatest contribution to American art not what he painted, but rather how he painted his subjects. He brilliantly depicted life-size birds and mammals […]

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