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Collecting Outlaws: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (7/18/13)
Cabinet card set of Outlaw Jesse JamesRecently, gangsters were in the news in many ways. Jimmy Hoffa was “unearthed”—or wasn’t—again. Respected actor James Gandolfini, who portrayed … More >>

Personal, Gold-Encrusted Carbine of King Louis XV to lead Julia Firearms Auction (3/4/13)
Louis XV gun trigger area detailFAIRFIELD, Maine — A one-of-a-kind German Sebastian Hauschka rifle—literally fit for a king—will be among the highlights in the upcoming … More >>

Two Extraordinary Rifles Created for Auto Magnate John Francis Dodge to Sell (3/4/13)
Dodge Winchester Inlay DetailFAIRFIELD, Maine — A 33-caliber model 1886 Winchester rifle, made for Dodge Motor Company co-founder and magnate John Francis Dodge, … More >>

Revolver Retrieved from Bonnie & Clyde ‘Death Car’ Will Be Sold by Mayo Auction (1/17/13)
Bonnie and Clyde gunKANSAS CITY, Mo. – A .32-caliber revolver retrieved from the stolen car driven by the outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde … More >>

Winchester 1886 by Turnbull Makes the Case for Restoring Antique Rifles (1/14/13)
turnbull1I have been in the firearms business my entire career. And for as long as I can remember, it has … More >>

Rebuilding a 1903 Jeffery Farquharson Rifle from a Cigar Box full of Parts (10/12/12)
farquharson2It was September of 2005 when Sid Johnson went to the Selous reserve in Tanzania for Cape buffalo and other … More >>

19th Century Black-Powder Flasks: Weapons & Militaria Collection Must-Haves (9/20/10)
91-51 While adding a new collection of black-powder flasks to my Web site, I reacquainted myself with flask terminology through … More >>

Kentucky Rifles: How to Gauge the Quintessential American Firearm (6/1/09)
A Kentucky style American rifle by Blunt & Syms of New York. It features a .44 caliber 38-inch octagonal barrel and a back action lock with a double set trigger.Surprisingly, one of America’s earliest triumphs in artistic and functional design, the “Kentucky rifle,” was not invented or generally fashioned … More >>

This Colt No. 3 Belt Paterson made between 1837 and 1840 set a new world’s record at $414,000.“KITCHEN TABLE” ANTIQUE PISTOLS SET RECORDS AT ROCK ISLAND AUCTION Three world records result from sale of a collection by man trying to buy a car for his elderly mother. More >>

The Quintessential Union Firearm (9/4/08)
Full-Length View of Springfield US Model 1861 Rifle Musket.Over the last twenty years I keep getting one question asked over and over again. What was THE CIVIL WAR FIREARM? In a war right at the cusp of the industrial revolution that is a more difficult question then it may seem. With the use of every arm ever made in American Arsenals and Imports from almost every country in Europe, the total of Arms used in our Civil War is over 600 distinct types! More >>

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