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Clean It Up but Keep It Original – Seven Hints on Restoring Antique Clocks (6/15/10)
Ken and Susan Markley, who run Old Timers Clocks on, have some great tips on bringing a luster back … More >>

New Haven Clock Company a Most Prolific Operation (8/18/09)
This pine and Rosewood-veneer clock with a painted glass door is a typical New Haven Clock Company cottage clock.The New Haven Clock Company was one of the most prolific of the early American New England clock companies. Some … More >>

An Introduction to Marine Timekeepers (2/9/09)
Clepsammia, widely known today as the sandglass or hourglass.This article could also be named “An introduction to transportation clocks,” because these types of clocks were used by navigators, … More >>

Interest in, Value of King Memorabilia Rise (1/13/09)
Syl TurnerThis month’s significance will be indelibly etched in American history with Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20 as the nation’s … More >>

Timely Deals at Clock Auction (11/13/08)
Editor’s Note: Mark Peer, WorthPoint’s Worthologist specializing in antique clocks, reports on the recent Fontaine’s auction that featured many spectacular antiques. More >>

Auction Report: November 11, 2008 (11/11/08)
Freeman’s Auction House has not only the distinction of being America’s oldest auction house for art, antiques and collectibles, it has always been the forerunner presenting some of the best sales in Americana, as well. This sale, the American Furniture and Decorative Arts sale 1321, slated for Nov. More >>

Collecting clocks? Join the club! (9/3/08)
Learn how to repair clcoks and watchesIf you like old clocks, are curious or just like to fix intricate mechanisms, have a look around at More >>

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