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Revival Time – 19th-Century Furniture Styles (2/7/11)
GothicIt is tempting to think of the 19th century as the “Victorian” century, as it is true that Queen Victoria … More >>

Building a Reference Library – The Specifics (1/25/11)
CS95booksPrevious editions of this column (view Part One: The Basics and Part Two: The Period) have dealt with building the … More >>

Building a Reference Library – The Period (1/19/11)
CS94booksThe previous installment of this column dealt with building the foundation of a furniture resource library based on accumulating a … More >>

Building a Reference Library – The Foundation (1/10/11)
CS93abooksDoing research on older and antique furniture has gotten a lot easier in some respects over the last few years. … More >>

Odds ’N’ Ends: Why Do They Call It That? (12/20/10)
Mule chest GarthsIn the everyday conduct of our affairs in the older and antique furniture trade, we often come across terms and … More >>

Panic Attack: Holiday Quick Fixes for Furniture (12/7/10)
As the holidays roll around on a regular basis this time of the year, they are often accompanied by panic … More >>

Top Security: Custom Table Pads (11/16/10)
Table pads While modern taste in dining room tables, like modern taste in so many subjects today, varies considerably from household … More >>

Stinky Stuff: Get Rid of Old Furniture Smells (11/8/10)
One of the nice aspects of collecting older and antique furniture is the link to the past that each piece … More >>

German Immigrants’ Innovations Changed 19th Century American Furniture (10/11/10)
Rosalie Political turmoil is seldom something to be thankful for, but it sometimes produces positive results. The political unrest in … More >>

Missing Pieces—A.W.O.L. Furniture Parts (10/4/10)
Screw holes One thing to bear in mind while searching for your next antique furniture treasure is that this stuff, by … More >>

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