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The Keys to Antique Furniture Locks (2/20/09)
A full mortise lock is completely enclosed in the wood with only the selvage visible.Most of us who are interested in antique furniture have, at one time or another, run across what seemed liked … More >>

The Tale of Old Nails (2/2/09)
This is a piece of 1/8-inch square rolled iron nail stock that was used by a “nailer” to hammer out a handmade nail.One of the key ingredients in the process of determining the age of a piece of older or antique furniture … More >>

Discussing Sheraton and Victorian Furniture with Will Seippel (1/30/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist EDITOR’S NOTE: Brimfield, Mass., is a small New England town with a population of about 5,000 or … More >>

The Red King—Mahogany in Antique Furniture (1/23/09)
One of the most distinctive wood patterns in all of furniture design is the book matched crotch cut veneer seen in the top of this Colonial Revival lamp table. Crotch cut veneer is cut from the intersection of a large branch with the trunk or the intersection of two large branches. That creates the "flame" or "feather" pattern seen in the veneer.By Fred Taylor WorthPoint Worthologist When you think of “period” antique furniture, what first comes to mind? Chippendale? Sheraton? Hepplewhite? Phyfe? Of … More >>

Auction Report: Cowan’s Winter Sale (1/18/09)
M.S. OffordCowan’s Feb. 7 Winter Fine and Decorative Arts Sale has 668 lots going up comprised in part from the collections … More >>

Antique Furniture Terminology Part 2 (1/14/09)
Dentil – The square block molding near the top of this cabinet is called dentil molding.As with the last list of words (Antique Furniture Terminology Part 1), you probably know most of these, but don’t … More >>

Antique Furniture Terminology Part 1 (1/4/09)
Acanthus – This leg of an Empire table shows an example of acanthus leaf carving.Have you ever been in the position of admiring a friend’s new antique purchase when they remark on the exceptional … More >>

Highboys and Weathervanes Most Likely to Weather the Stormy Economy (1/3/09)
For those of you who faithfully read this column, you know that my first column of the New Year is … More >>

Great Finds—The Path of the Fauteuils (12/16/08)
In the days before this recession, I was asked to locate a pair of 18th-century fauteuil for a client who … More >>

Antique Beds—What Holds Them Up? (11/30/08)
Modern bed hardware has been unchanged for over 100 years. Antique Beds – What Holds Them Up? By Fred Taylor Beds are of great interest to most people. We spend more time in bed than we do anywhere else, except, maybe at work. So where we spend roughly one-third or our lives should be of great interest. More >>

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