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Discretion and Valor: Knowing when to ‘Just Say No’ to Furniture Repair (6/12/12)
BRKLEGThere is an old adage you may remember; “Discretion is the better part of valor” It applies to the purchase … More >>

Revised Editions offer New Value in Old Publications (5/22/12)
BlundellNo antique furniture enthusiast—whether, dealer, collector or just interested observer—ever has enough resource material on the subject at hand. While … More >>

Furniture Vocabulary—Common Terms Commonly Misused (5/8/12)
Chest on frameEvery area of special interest has its own vocabulary and words of common usage. The area of antiques certainly falls … More >>

Getting the Ground Truth—Where to Go to Find Some (4/16/12)
sideboardGeology is the history of the Earth, as recorded in rocks, and professional geologists have a concept called “ground truth.” … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Victorian-Era Dantesca X Chair (4/11/12)
xchairDave B. purchased an interesting chair above at an estate sale for $125, its unusual design was what brought it … More >>

In Appraising, Good Questions Make Better Answers (4/4/12)
stickley1 aI respond to several hundred inquiries a month from readers about their older and antique furniture, and most of the … More >>

Step into My Parlor … and Sit in the Correct Chair (4/2/12)
JelliffOne of the most frequently seen arrangements of seating furniture in an antique shop or at a show is the … More >>

Antique Furniture Repair: A Primer on Who and Where to Find Help (3/21/12)
Table fixSooner or later, most of us who hang out with antiques get the urge to do a little repair—nothing major—just … More >>

The Red Fakes: Not all that is Red is Mahogany (3/6/12)
China cabinetWhen you glance at a piece of furniture for the very first time, one of the first things you notice … More >>

Furniture Care: Check the Oil … at the Door (2/13/12)
polishingIn the late 1980s, the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation published an article about the contents of historical … More >>

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